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Can you stand the silence?

For me, television has become a means of escape. After my day’s work is over I like to unwind in front of the TV, usually looking for something to make me laugh or tuning in to TCM trying to find one of those “good old movies”. For the month of January, I made a decision to give up TV and invest that time into things that are more productive. At first, the thought was very unsettling, how then would I unwind, could I bear being left alone with nothing to buffer my thoughts, and, could I stand the silence?

Here are 12 things I’ve discovered so far:

1. The goals I’ve set for myself cannot be achieved if I do not redirect my time and my energy

2. There are so many things I enjoy doing when I resist the urge to be passive

3. I have to be creative because I’m determined not to let boredom set in

4. I can’t believe how quickly time passes when I engage in something I really love

5. The choice to make a sacrifice and seek what’s really important has its own rewards

6. Turning off the noise and listening to my own thoughts help me to be more in tune with myself

7. I’m remembering dreams of things I’ve always wanted to do

8. The challenges we face all come on different levels. No matter how small, if  it’s my challenge, I have to commit “to change” in order to overcome it

9. I’ve rediscovered the love of reading

10. It’s time to commit to a cause

11. Silence has its own wavelength, tuning in gives me the opportunity to work through unresolved challenges

12. God is always speaking, but it seems easier to hear him in silence

What if you turned off your “noise”, whatever it may be? Can you stand the silence?



  Anonymous wrote @

It’s difficult to turn away from what helps me escape especially when I can’t escape to the outdoors. Put you made a very good point, I have goals I want to achieve and i have to do something differently

  Legacy wrote @

This is an awesome blog. I truly enjoyed reading it. If you meant to inspire, you succeeded. I considering how silence can benefit my life as well.

  my6inchchallenge wrote @

Thanks so much for the encouraging words. My hope is that as I am inspired I can inspire others as well.

  LOH wrote @

Very insightful and inspiring blog. I think that a lot of people are afraid of the silence, they are afraid to face their thoughts, afraid of the challenge to change and get off their behinds and DO. Looking at TV is soo much easier that studying to finish that degree, working on that endless to do list, fixing that squeaky door or mending that broken relationship. Or its a question of what would I do if I don’t watch TV? Talk to your partner, your children, your friends, relatives, reconnect with them. Remember that dream you had years ago to do that thing? Find the dream where you buried it and go for it!

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