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I delighted in it, and it was a simple thing

In our rush to get to our destinations, we can miss so much, and find ourselves longing for time to give ourselves over to something extravagant. I have found, however, that amidst the busyness of everyday life, if I’m attentive, there are so many simple things that bring delight. Delighting in the simple things is like having front row seats to some of life’s most spectacular moments, but I also realize that even the mundane, if I take notice, can be memorable.

Here are 6 of my January delights:

"Sun set on I 285"

"As the sun sets"

1. Watch the sunset – when I’m heading home from work I love this spectacular display of color across the sky. What an amazing work of art!

2. Hear the dogs laugh: My sister said my 2-year-old nephew was so tickled because he said he saw 3 dogs in the backyard laughing and they were saying “ha ha ha” — I would have loved to have flown home just to see that.

3. Catch a kiss from the Caribou: After 27 miles of commute to work this helps to relieve my stress. Just before I get to the office, performing in front of the Caribou Coffee site is a dancing Caribou. It does this little jig that cracks me up, and waves and throws kisses. I laugh, and wave back as if this performance was prepared just for me and I slow down ignoring the flow of traffic around me to revel in the waves and kisses as though they are my own.

4. Leave my print in the snow: When we had our rare occasion of snow, I spent the day at home, but I could not resist getting out to walk in the snow. I walked for over a mile just loving the sound of the snow crunch beneath my feet and looking back to see the marks I had made.

5. Celebrate everyday heroes: I love figuring out the shapes of the clouds. This morning I looked up and saw this flying figure with arms stretched forward and a very determined face. It’s a super hero, I thought. I wondered if he was heading to Haiti to join all the other heroes who were risking their lives to save others.

6. Sing out loud: When I’m in my car I love turning the radio up and sing at the top my voice, This morning I performed one of Chris Tomlin’s songs, “…You are the everlasting God, you do not faint you won’t grow weary, you’re the defender of the weak, you comfort those in need, you lift us up on wings like eagles…



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  adamjapko wrote @

Dona, I love your line “Delighting in the simple things is like having front row seats to some of life’s most spectacular moments” How often we lose sight of this and how well you have captured it in this line. Thanks for your grounding perspectives and keep at it, this is a fantastic start to your blog. I will be a regular follower.

  my6inchchallenge wrote @

Thanks so much for your feedback Adam, and thanks for planting the seed that grew into this blog.

  legacy wrote @

I agree with Adam, the perspective of having a “front row seat to some of life’s most spectacular moments” is absolutely refreshing.

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