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Tackling difficulties and overcoming the challenges life serves up – by Dona Halliday

and, I celebrated, as though their successes were my own

Celebrating challenges

"Celebration Dance"

I believe we all love an occasion to celebrate. After all, it gives us an opportunity to break from our routine, do something different, and indulge in good food, drink, conversation and music. The act, however, can be meaningless if we forget why we celebrate.

Today, I celebrate my brother. I celebrate his standard of excellence in everything he does. I celebrate his God-given gift as a photographer and his hard work, which has resulted in him receiving for the second time (2009, 2010)  the Bride’s Choice Awards™.

I celebrate the success of others in my life. Those whose persistence have opened doors and made possible, advancement and growth. Those who have received amazing opportunities for their passion to become their livelihood. Those who have attained that possession they’d worked long and hard to get.

But, I also celebrate others whose success is not as tangible. It’s hard to point to it, and it definitely cannot be touched or held. These are they who have had to bear some tough challenges, who have lost some of their possessions, who have had to step up to the plate in face of unexpected hardship and pain.

The success to me, is that it did not break them, it could not defeat them. In the face of sickness, loss and challenge; strength they did not know they possessed, stood up in their spirits and made them move forward and LIVE. I celebrate that strength, that resilience, that aha moment of understanding the many sides of success.

May we never discount or undervalue the strength of character birthed from challenges. As we celebrate the success of others and ourselves, may we continue to rejoice in the goals we attain, in the awards we win, in the things we accumulate, but may we also rejoice, when sickness finds a foe in an indomitable spirit, fortified by faith and hope and undergirded with prayer,  when challenges and hardships are met head on with courage and are forced to yield, when we meet the unexpected with the understanding, that this too is life, and it provides an opportunity for great success.


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