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Love on the Rocks — I’m not insecure! Am I?


I’ve come to believe that relationships can be rather tricky. I dated a nice guy some years ago and he wanted to know what were some of the things I liked about him. I responded that I really liked that he seemed so grounded, he was very likable, made friends easily, a great communicator, intelligent, an excellent cook, in my opinion very handsome. I also loved the way, his “Hi Sweetie” greeting over the phone always sounded as if talking to me was the best part of his day.

The tricky part, he wanted me to add to the list that I thought he was rather “hot”. To some, this may not be a tricky thing, but, I have never described another human being as being hot. Hot to me is reserved for things concerning temperature, like, “I need at least 2 “hot” meals a day, or the sun is blazing “hot”, I should have worn a hat. Never to describe a male. I’ve described men as being handsome or attractive, on occasions I’ve said, “he’s a cutie” and on rarer occasions as if appraising a work of art I’ve murmured, “ummmmm, nice, really nice” but those men were always wearing brown leather boots…., but, I digress.

So, I started heading over to Stone Mountain and we got together and exercised, heading up, then down the mountain, him, I guess in pursuit of his “hotness”, me, just wanting to stay healthy and fit.

Then tricky part #2. As we exercised he would point to his quads and ask if I saw how his muscles were becoming more defined. I would encourage him with a resounding yes, they were coming in rather nicely. But I would have to answer that same question many times during a single workout session.

I’ve often wondered if there are certain female genes I did not get. For example, I didn’t get my chocolate gene, I hate chocolate. I did not get my shopping gene, I do not like to shop. And now, I was wondering if there were some other gene I did not get, because I did not know if I could keep being genuinely enthusiastic about his well-defined quads during a single work out session.

… could I have known that this 6’5″,  200+lbs guy was dealing with insecurity…

To be continued…


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