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Relationships – Sins of the past

The Judge sits with gavel in hand waiting to pass sentence on current and past sins. Having the power to show mercy or condemn, may she choose mercy. On my 6 inch challenge blog

"Judge with gavel in hand"

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“This is the second bad thing I did”, said Ruth, as she plunged into another story from her past. “I told this guy I had a Christmas gift for him and suggested that we do a gift exchange. He asked me what I wanted and I told him money. When he brought the money I told him I had forgotten his gift and I’ll give it to him the next day. The next day I tried to avoid him, so as he walked towards me calling my name, I started running –I had never bought him a gift. But that does not really count”,  does it”?, she asked with a laugh, “Because I was only a teenager.”

I can’t remember how this conversation started on my job, but Ruth, my coworker (the name has been changed to protect the guilty), is one of the sweetest persons I know, and as the judge in me rose to condemn her for such a terrible thing, grace reminded me to sit still. After all, I have my past sins and I can’t even blame youth for those unwise choices.

I believe that’s one thing our mistakes should teach us–be quick to show mercy and slow to condemn. Have you pointed your finger lately, shook you head in disbelief, wondering how someone could be so bad, so evil, so unwise? Have you banged your gavel and proclaimed they should never have another chance, you’ll never forgive them, they deserve what they get? Pause for a moment and check your past then see if you really have a clear conscience to continue throwing stones.


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  Jason Perry wrote @

In my blog, I recently wrote about “grace” saying that we “must learn to live in relationship and community with one another. We all have issues that make this process frustrating, challenging, discouraging, seemingly fruitless, and sometimes, downright dangerous, but it is what God has called us to do. What is grace?”
It is so much easier to be quick to condemn and slow to show mercy, isn’t it?
To read the rest of my thoughts on grace, go to

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