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Relationships — Love is in the air

The romance of February can be addictive. But what if you don't have someone special to share that time with? Enjoying the alone time, spending time with friends, doing what we love can enhance the month of love. on my 6 inch challenge blog

"He loves me, he loves me not"

This morning I was reminded once again that this is the “love” month. This evening, in an email from Callaway Gardens, the subject: Have You Made Plans For Your Valentine Yet?  — an invitation to take advantage of the “Rekindle the romance package”. It seems that some form of love is in air and even though I do not have someone special with which to share a trip to Callaway Gardens, I insist on enjoying this time.

I have friends who worry about me, they say I’m too picky, my standards are too high, I need to “give” a little. Even though I appreciate their concern, I believe that when one is considering a life-time commitment it would be foolish not to be picky, not to have high standards, and not to refuse to “give” on those principles that are important to you.

So how does a single girl, who does not date around celebrate the love month? Here are 6 suggestions:

1. Spend time with your girl friends. There’s nothing like the ease and camaraderie of close friends.

2. Don’t be afraid of aloneness. Do the things you love and set the atmosphere you enjoy.

3. Spend time seeking God and bask in the greatest love you’ll ever experience.

4. Show love to someone who can give you nothing in return. Give a gift or a card to a stranger.

5. Treat yourself to flowers or buy a plant, my favorite – the orchid plant.

6. Pamper yourself. You can do this at home. Light candles, run a bubble bath, put on a facial masque, turn on music and relax.



  everheartbrooke wrote @

great suggestions =)

  Jason Perry wrote @

1 is not a fraction. No one else can complete you; they can only participate in your beauty. Celebrate the unique, great person God has created you to be.

  my6inchchallenge wrote @

Thanks Jason. I find your comments and your blogs so refreshing and insightful. May God bless you and your family as you continue to do ministry.

  Tab wrote @

I agree with those suggested single lady Valentines activities and not just for that day in particular day but anytime one might be feeling a little lonely. The thing about loneliness and depression and other dark emotions is they have no power over the simple enjoyment of life. We must decide every day what is important to us and what to indulge. When we indulge sadness and loneliness and such we are internally saying that these things take precedence in our lives. on the contrary when we choose not to succumb to them but to go on with things that bring us happiness and joy we are able to have a full and enjoyable life despite what relationships we may or may not have and even despite the condition of those relationships. I am not married but I do know that sometimes married folks are lonelier than single folks! This strategy applies to everyone. And it is contageous as are most attitudes. The more you enjoy life the more the people around you enjoy life and lo and behold others who love life are attracted to the joy in you.
Of course there are always some who are determined not to enjoy life and will despise you and anyone else who seems to be enjoying life but don’t give these people too much time and energy. Say or do something nice for them now and then but don’t get stuck in trying to beg or convince them to be happy and most certainly don’t spend time discussing how miserable they are or how miserable they are trying to make you or others! That is a waste of time you could be spending enjoying your life and is poison that kills both you and the people you impart it into.
Another thing I’d like to mention is that sometimes we can be too picky when choosing a mate. We most definately should have high standards but no-one is going to meet every requirement to the tee. If someone did there would be little opportunity in that relationship for our own growth and development. What single people might consider doing is making lists… written lists of characteristics they seek in a mate from a personality standpoint,(funny, thoughtful etc.) from a financial standpoint is it okay if he has debt and if so what kinds and how much is okay or not for example), from a spiritual standpoint, (must he be a devout church guy or can he be a laid back believer?) and from a mental standpoint (must he be a conventional traditional thinker or an out of the box thinker and does this vary depending on subject matter?). Then combine each list into one grand list in order of priority starting at the top with the things you simply can not sacrifice and going down to the things you prefer but could live without. Do the same from the opposite end. Make lists of those thing you do not want in the same categories and put them in order starting at the top with what you absolutely can not tolerate to the things that annoy you but that you could get used to if you had to.
When you have made these lists read over them now and again to refresh your mind and help you keep things in perspective. If you meet someone who has most of the top half of the positives and very few of the top half of the can’t tolerates you might be closer to compatibility than you think! Too many of us are waiting for some one we have created in our minds to appear when The Lord has sent us options that He knows will take us further along in terms of relational maturity.
Anyone who knows anything about healthy relationships knows they are built on compromises and the best way to enter into one is to be flexible.
and lastly but most importantly PRAY! Ask The Lord to hide you from the wrong people and to make you irresistable to those He has chosen to be a part of your life (not just in terms of romance). Ask Him to decrease your voice in the process and tune your ear to His. We do serve a God who loves to surprise us so expect the unexpected! The Love of your life may may have been sitting in the next aisle in church for years and you have never noticed because you wanted who and what you wanted and haven’t heard That soft whisper to get a little closer to that unnoticed person.
I pray this has blessed someone!
Yours in Christ,
Tab- The Lord’s Handmaiden
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