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Relationships — I Love Me Some Me

Can you imagine the arrogance, the pridefulness, the overblown ego one must have to make such a declaration in public, “I love me some me!” This was one of the suggested topics for our Sunday sermon from our pastor. And to think, earlier, I had just spent about an hour in church school studying Jesus’ teachings about self-denial.

Is it possible to balance a “love affair with self” with a life of self-denial? Is it possible to walk in humility and be at ease with the state of being of loving self? This is interesting to me, for often, we have been taught to guard against pride, and self-love is viewed by many as an act of pride.

But how can we not love ourselves? When I think of how beautifully and wonderfully I’ve been formed, (and this is not merely physical), the amazing working of my brain and body, I’m filled with awe and love for not only God, the creator, but for the work that he has created.

So, in an act of participatory worship, prompted by the man of God, I shouted with the others, “I LOVE me some me”. My hope is that as we develop a greater awareness of who we, the byproduct would be a greater love of self. This may be over-simplified, but in my mind as we eliminate self-loathing and self hate, and let love grow, we would be a step closer to being obedient to theĀ  command of loving our neighbor as ourselves.


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