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Loving life, here’s to my health and yours

It was Saturday, about 9am. I had gotten up earlier, turned on the radio and went back to sleep. Suddenly, I bounced out of bed, prancing around my bedroom, hips swaying, legs and arms moving, enjoying the music. If any had seen me, my dance would probably seem more appropriate for the “Dollar Wind” than for Fred Hammond’s “This is the day that the Lord had made.” That obviously did not concern me at the moment, because I got down West Indian-style to the rhythm then threw in some salsa and Zumba moves and gave it every I had. To some this may seem irreverent, but I was not only celebrating my health, but the ability to burst into song and, DANCE.

You see, for about 2 weeks I had been suffering from fatigue, feeling completely drained. Any desire to sing generated not more than a murmur, and my efforts to dance seemed more like a twitch. That is one of the most awful things I have ever experienced–no energy, little strength–jokes brought no reaction, conversations were met with little response, I was too tired to engage, too tired to be involved. My body had succumbed to a cold and fever, followed closely by my cycle and it took every I had to get up and move.

It’s hard to imagine living with the challenge of chronic fatigue syndrome, but some people do. So I danced in celebration of my health and for all the others who would love to be able to abandon themselves to dance.


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