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Delighting in the simple things–the company we keep

Friends finding delight in the simple things

"The Simple Things"

It was Saturday morning, I decided to stay indoors, reasoning I had so much to do. The phone ran, I answered, and the voice said “it’s such a pretty day”.¬† That’s all it took, my list of things to do forgotten, I said, “what do you want to do?” The reply, we can go see a movie or we can go walk the trail. “The trail, you mean like exercise?” I questioned, followed by “ok, let’s make it a day for sneakers”.

A few hours later I headed out and we set off for the Arabian trail. It was indeed a pretty day and as we walked atop the rocks and headed for the trees, I exhaled, and felt at peace. I love nature, it’s creator and I love spending time with my friend.

When we heard the rippling of water we sang “As the deer panteth for the water.” We sat, talked, delighted in the still barren, beauty of the trail and were refreshed.

Afterward, we headed back to her house, we sat around, talked with her teenagers while her husband grilled. We feasted, then decided to work it off with Wii games. My first experience with Wii was an instant love connection and as I pretended to be on the tennis court, I was hooked. Before I knew it it was almost 10pm, time to head home.

As I pondered the time spent, here’s what I realized:

1. Where you go is important but who you go with can make all the difference in the world

2. Sharing time with someone you enjoy can make “park experiences” seem like “paradise,” share with the wrong person, and paradise can seem like a mere park experience

3. Good friends inspire growth, and challenge to bring about change

4. The ability to appreciate “the simple things” is a gift to be treasured


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