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A resurrection of sorts – when dead things refuse to stay buried

Spring's brillance in color reminds us that dead things can live again

A resurrection of sorts

I love Alfred Hitchcock movies. “The trouble with Harry” is one of my favorites. In this plot of mystery, murder and humor, Harry who was found dead at the onset of the movie remains the main character. The sea-captain, the spinster, the wife and the bum all think they are responsible for his death, and so throughout the movie Harry experiences a “resurrection of sorts”. He is buried, dug up and moved around several times as they try to cover up his death and figure out what had really happened.

I’m fascinated by the idea of dead, barren things empowered to live again. That’s one of the reasons I love Spring. I get tired of the stalkness, the lack of life, the lack of color, the seeming death of winter, and long for Spring when dead or dormant things bloom again.

Like Harry, I have certain things in my life, though buried, are experiencing a resurrection of sorts. For me, winter has come to an end and the bursting forth and blooming of new things are taking place.

Imagine the dead and forgotten things in your life receiving an invigorating breath with the command to live again. I see the resurrection of dreams because past failures and hopelessness have been put to death. I see the reemergence of hope and  joy because despair and sadness have died. Forgiveness is in bloom because it was determined that unforgiveness will not grow. Peace has been nurtured so that chaos cannot dwell. Love  has been lived so that hate can find no place.

This, to me, is the abundant live. Christ said he came that we might have life and have it to the fullest. My challenge is to continually seek that life, where the good invested in me can come forth in brilliant color, beautifying and impacting my surroundings.



  Tab wrote @

Beautiful! thanks you so much for this. I love this ministry. I love you too!
Stay blessed!
Tab- The Lord’s Handmaiden

  my6inchchallenge wrote @

Thanks Tab and may God’s goodness and mercy chase after you. Love D

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