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If you are there, so is God

I’ve been labeled as being directionally challenged. I get lost just about everywhere I go in Metro Atlanta. I once went to pick up my brother from the airport — a 10 minute trip — over an hour later I pulled up to where he stood waiting, I had gotten lost, he was not pleased. However, when I start longing for sand between my toes and the sound of the ocean I’ve gotten in my car and headed off by myself hundreds of miles away and never worry about getting lost.

Some years ago that longing for the ocean took me to Destin, Florida. I rented a condo on the beach so that I could take early morning walks, commune with God and enjoy nature. That Sunday, on one of my walks I heard singing, I hurried in its direction, there on the beach I found a treasure — Church, out in the open, away from its normal enclosed structure, people had gathered, the act of worship was taking place — and God was there.

I’m excited about worshiping with hundreds of others tomorrow at the WOFLC, but I’m reminded that God is wherever we are. I’m amazed at how many acts of teaching, healing and restoration took place in ordinary spaces, (on the mountain side, by a pool, in the graveyard, in homes, along the road, on the shores) as long as Jesus encountered faith in Him, change took place. Many sick and hurting people sort him, crying out for mercy, asking for help, but he was also actively seeking those who needed him as well.

His “need to go through Samaria” brought about a life transforming experience for a woman whose life-choices had shamed her and made her an outcast in her community. His passing through Jericho connected him with a wealthy tax collector named Zaccheus whose life was renewed and priorities and goals altered after he met Jesus.

Are you hurting, sick, alone, outcast, bitter, angry, afraid, anxious, lost — Jesus is there, yes, there, where you are. Turn to Him in faith and tell Him about it, he will listen and act, because He cares.


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