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Move forward with courage, there are giants ahead

Today, I’m allowing myself the rare indulgence of remembering some experiences I’d rather forget. These were tough ones, my giants, I call them. Though they were challenging, I’m reminiscing not with regret, but with awe, because I found the courage to move forward and overcome; as a result I’m stronger because of, and, in spite of my giants.

Last week I read of someone else who had to face a giant, his giant had a name, Goliath. As I read the story again I was impacted by this — the story says that as Goliath was moving toward David with the confidence that he was going to destroy him, David started running toward the giant.

Now, what causes one to do that? What made David, the boy, run toward Goliath, the champion giant, to do battle?

Here are 6 things I learned from that story:

1. We might as well develop the spirit of a giant slayer, giants will be around as long as we live. (David had been chasing giants and slaying them as a shepherd tending his father’s sheep, these giants were in the form of lions and bears)
2. Shout the battle cry even if you are afraid. (The israelite army took up their battle positions, shouting the war cry, but they were afraid. God sent a deliverer, David).
4. Expect criticism and put down from others, even those closest to you. (David’s brother derided him for having the nerve to see himself as a giant slayer).
3. Use what you have, and what from experience you know will work (David fought Goliath with what he knew, a sling, a stone and a mountain of faith).
5. Check your motives and know that your love for what you are defending can give you the courage that drives you toward your giants. (David’s indignation propelled him to do battle with the one who had defied God’s army).
6. Know the source of your power. (Though seemly armed with only a sling and 5 stones, David knew his power came from God).



  Jnel wrote @

Amen! You captured and clarified in such a way, how to deal with the fear whether it was instill by others or by ourselves. We who believe and are able to face and conquer our giants in the end get so much more than joy of overcoming,we are to find strength and confidence to continue.

  my6inchchallenge wrote @

Indeed Jnel, you are so right. And sometimes our biggest giants live within and we have to do that battle of conquering and stilling those internal voices as well. Overcoming can start with the basic one step at a time, one day at a time as we move slowly to conquering and achieving.

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