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Return to sender – Victims do not reside here

Recently, I came across a song that had my name all over it. Led by curiosity I wanted to know the message of the song. Originally a yiddish song, “Dona Dona Dona” tells a sad story of a calf that is restrained (tied up) and on its way to the market. Understanding its destiny is the slaughter-house, it looks on with mournful eyes, pitying its predicament and spots a swallow flying back and forth in the sky.

The farmer who is driving the calf to the market takes note of the calf’s expression and tells it to stop complaining. Then asks, “Why don’t you have wings to fly with, like the swallow so proud and free?” He further reminds the calf that its very nature predicts its plight for, “Calves are easily bound and slaughtered, never knowing the reason why, But whoever treasures freedom, Like the swallow MUST learn to fly”.

Amazing! Though my research showed that there are differing interpretations to the song, and that “Dona, Dona, Dona” does not refer to a person, I found the song fascinating. For I realize that we are not all born to the same privileges and life does not deal us all the same cards. So, when our opportunities seem limited and we experience loss, challenges and setbacks, we can find ourselves riding along in self-pity, thinking we are just victims.

But stop for a moment. Have you been taught that your nature, the essence of who you are, where you’re from, the way you look, dictate that you are bound to fail, to mess up, that you have little or no potential, you can only go so far and you cannot bring about change? Return that message to its sender with a declaration that victims do not reside here. For, who determines whether you are a calf or a swallow?

Apparently, swallows take responsibility and develop what has been placed inside them, the ability to fly. It may be easier to look around with resentment at those who are in flight and blame everyone and everything for your grounded mentality, but casting blame and self-pity have never produced wings.

Why don’t you have wings to fly with? Answer the question with — because, “I”. Take responsibility, and even if you have physical, geographical or financial restraints, as a friend once told me, start where you are, use what you have and trust God to do the rest.



  Jnel wrote @

I learned that lesson @ the age of 15, that I should take responsibility for who I am and want to be. Thanks to my Typing professor. To often we let others define who we are or want to be. It’s a beautiful thing to stop casting blame and dwelling in self pity and truly be responsible…

  my6inchchallenge wrote @

Indeed J, taking ownership and responsibility even when we have been wronged and taken advantage of is the only way to move forward and start a movement of change

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