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Challenging others to live out their best

I stood in front of the closed-door at the “Y” and smiled at him expectantly. He was a stranger, big, heavy, very dark in complexion. He stood there and just stared at me. Continuing to smile, I said, “I’m giving you the opportunity to be a gentleman,” and in spite of his dark complexion, he blushed, grinned and pushed the door open.

Once upon a time, I operated with the belief that I could do whatever I needed on my own, without help from anyone. But about 15 years ago a lawyer friend of my mom told me this. “For years,” he said, “he visited this elderly man every week, and every time he prepared to leave, the man tried to give him something — you know, it might be a pencil or a dollar bill. At first, he refused, because the man was poor and he felt the man needed to save whatever he had. But later he learned an important lesson — everyone needs to know that he has something of value to offer, no matter how small. So from that day he not only accepted the gifts but treasured them.”

Years later, I’ve come to understand that true generosity is not only the ability to give but being humble enough to receive from others (and vice versa). In my rush, I sometimes forget to give others the opportunity to show kindness and be noble with simple gestures. Like the guys who offer to pump my gas, carry my groceries, help me put things in the car, or Brain, he’s homeless, who gave me used stuffed animals. I love giving men the opportunity to be gentlemen and to be noble, because I believe one of the ways we can challenge others to be their best is to let them know that we see value in them and recognize that they have something of worth to offer.



  gmomj wrote @

You have such great wisdom to share.
I love it.
So unpretentious. So clear.
You totally rock. I love this blog!

  my6inchchallenge wrote @

Thanks gmomj!!! You are my Barnabas, today — my encourager. May God bless you and your family in abundance!

  godcrazzzy wrote @

ha ha. i should try this. hope it doesn’t back fires. smile.

  my6inchchallenge wrote @

LOL!! No worries, if it doesn’t work keep on trying. This evening as I left the “Y” this teenager, male, tried to get through the door as I was opening it. I called him on it very nicely. Sometimes it’s as simple as no one telling them. Have you ever notices that little boys love to open doors for you, even if you don’t know them? I don’t know when they loose that.

  godcrazzzy wrote @

ha ha ha. i hope my little darling grows up to be a little gent. If he is anythng like his dad, he will make some lady real happy. lol.

  my6inchchallenge wrote @

I’m sure he will. it always help to have great examples.

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