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Tackling difficulties and overcoming the challenges life serves up – by Dona Halliday

Knowing your own strength

The lessons we learn during play time can always be applied to life, for challenges present themselves on all levels. But they are excellent opportunities for learning and growth

"Tennis Challenge"

“I want you to know I’m not chasing any balls today,” he grunted, as my return swing sent the ball falling short and off the court. I ignored him, we had just started playing and he was already annoyed. He’s a grumpy fellow, grumbles and complains a lot, but an excellent tennis player, way above my level. As we continued, my game did not improve, “I have one word for you,” he shouted, “PUSH-UPS! You look good but you have no upper-body strength.”

I listened, annoyed, but did not say anything, after all there was some truth to his statement. So after the game I went home and started doing push ups. Nine and half push ups later I had reached my limit.

His statement, however, reminded me of the story of Samson and the part that talks about him, Samson, not knowing that the source of his strength had departed from him.”

It occurred to me that when we are in “the game”, at the time when we are tested and pressed is not the best time to find out that we are not ready for what comes at us; that the area in which we need strength is in a weakened state and we have no support to draw from.

I hate self-deception, not acknowledging where I am, not knowing my strengths or weaknesses. But being attuned to where we are in life requires alertness, constant evaluation, openness to the truth and a resolve to change course as needed.

It’s almost mid-year, as good a time as any to pause, reflect and make needed adjustments, for I would hate to get to the end of 2010 and then realize that the plans I had made, the path I had taken were not designed for getting me to my desired destination.


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