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I Want To Live Like My Sunday Morning’s Praise

The drums rumbled, softly, then with increased fervor. The room seemed to shake with the shouts of praise. It reminded me of the shouts that brought down the walls of Jericho, the kind of shouting that captures heaven’s attention and causes God to respond — there’s SOMETHING about that Sunday morning praise.

Cries and shouts of victory and thanksgiving, the release from what may have troubled us that week, that morning, that minute. The surrender and peace that comes from focusing on someone more powerful. The joy that washes and refreshes. The love that softens us and makes us sweet, forgiving, and frees our hearts and arms to reach out and embrace. I WANT TO LIVE like that Sunday morning praise!

In a short while, the music will stop, the singing cease, the sermon will be over and the prayers will end. We will be heading back to our everyday lives. Many will be forced to face the realities they had escaped for a few hours. They’ll remember the sickness that has invaded their bodies, their marriages that have fallen far below their expectations, the failure they feel because their children are making unwise choices, the weariness of taking care of a sick loved one, the boredom of seemingly purposeless lives. WHAT WILL HAPPEN to that Sunday morning praise?

For you see, that Sunday morning power, is also Monday morning’s power. In fact, this everyday power is a transforming kind of power. Walls come down, seas roll back, sightless eyes see, lame legs leap, a woman caught in adultery receives forgives, a man living among the tombs gets his mind restored;  and, you and I, in the face of our challenges receive the power that changes our lives. FOR WE’VE GOT TO LIVE like our Sunday morning praise!



  nobusysignal wrote @

GOOD WORD! thank you for that. I will follow your blog for awhile, so I can catch up on some of your earlier work.

  my6inchchallenge wrote @

Thanks Nobusysignal. I appreciate you taking the time to read and share your thoughts. I’ll have to check out your blog as well to hear some of your wisdom.

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