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Tackling difficulties and overcoming the challenges life serves up – by Dona Halliday

Chasing beauty

Challenges can beautify us, strengthen our character and make us men and women of virtue if we endure and learn from them.

"Beautiful in God's Eyes"

It’s Sunday about 11am. I pulled up to the table, though I was sick, I was famished, a fever always seems to increase my appetite. I had prepared scrambled eggs with bell pepper, spinach and onions, cut 3 slices from a loaf and with a bowl of fresh fruit consisting of papaya, pineapple and orange placed next to a cup of hot tea I was ready to satisfy my hunger.

On the table was a book I believe had been there for several months. I reached for it and opened it. It was a 3-in-1 collection by Elizabeth George and I had turned to the second book “Beautiful in God’s eyes.” I sighed when I realized from the first few lines that this was a study of the Proverbs 31 woman. I had a vague recollection of wanting to be like her sometime ago, but I had not thought about her in years. As I continued to read, Elizabeth reminded me that this woman was real, her standard of excellence achievable, her care for others genuine, her love and commitment to God and family possible, and her kind of beauty attainable.

As something in me resisted, telling me that this was an unrealistic goal for any one, I felt blessed because I realized I had a few living examples around me.

My play-mom is 87 years, from her I’m learning about service and selfless living. She’s a woman of much prayer, still teaches Sunday school, holds an in-house bible study, is in charge of the Angel’s food ministry at her church and lends a listening ear — her phone rings constantly, day and night. Her special gift, she loves people. Directly across the street is a couple,  I have never witnessed anyone else so open, selfless and genuine, their gift — helping others.

About 3 weeks ago I finally realized that I have been exactly where I needed to be to learn some valuable life-lessons, for though I love physical beauty, their beauty, my play-mom’s and my neighbors’ are the kind of beauty I seek. All too often we spend time praying or wishing away the things needed to shape us, the challenges necessary to develop us and we miss opportunities to grow. For indeed, who can find a person of virtue? I pray it can be found in me… and, in you.


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