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Daddy! Daddy? — When Dad’s not there

A poem to my father

A poem

No memories to hold on to, No daddy stories to share,
No photos in my album to show you were there.
No songs we sang together, No dance steps we shared,
No, “love you, see you later,” No sighs or happy tears.

No hugs in the mornings, No waiting for you at nights,
No, “I love you daddy, can I sleep here tonight?”
No camp trips, no tea time, No birthday gifts, no cards,
No calls to say “I miss you,” No claim on daddy’s heart.

No praise at graduations, No, “well done, great job!”
No help with my homework, No scoldings for my wrongs.
No presence to guide me, no instructions to help,
No shoulders to cry on; No, “Daddy, please help!”

No strength to run home to, No daddy’s hand to hold,
No, “Wait, let me ask daddy, he’ll tell me what to do.”
No advice for my first date, No model for my mate,
No father to look up to; “Dad, do you think it’s too late?”

Yes, there are tears as I write now, I’m hurting, you weren’t there,
I’ve heard there’s nothing like dads and daughters and the love they can share.
No, time can’t be recaptured; Yes, we can make amends,
Yes, we both can do much better, there can be a happy end.

Let’s both look to the future, a new start is what we need,
Forgiveness makes a difference, healing hearts that are grieved.
So I say with all sincerity, “Have a happy father’s day,”
You see, I’m your daughter, God designed it that way.



  Jnel wrote @

Lovely and sad.. This capture what I would say… Without the anger I sometimes feel… Well said Dona.


  my6inchchallenge wrote @

Thanks Jnel, These are tough relationships and sometimes easier left at arm’s length, but for the first time I truly desire something more than that with my father.

  gmomj wrote @

That is beautiful!

  my6inchchallenge wrote @

Thanks gmomj. Had a chance to check out your blog as well, will have to take an indepth look later

  TJ wrote @

Great piece my friend. If only we could correct the past but as your rightly put it – we can make amends. Forgiveness makes the difference – let the healing begins.

  my6inchchallenge wrote @

Thanks T.
Sometimes correcting the past is not where we get stuck but figuring out how to let it go and move forward. I heard Pastor Donnie McClurkin talk about his relationship with his dad and after all these years I could finally let it go. … and I realize the letting go was for me not for him.

  nobusysignal wrote @

This a wonderful poem! please copyright this material. If nothing else, write it down and put it in an envelope and mail (with post mark) back to your self and leave it sealed–poor mans copyright–this is way to good to let some one possibly take it from you.

  my6inchchallenge wrote @

I had not even thought of that, thanks so much!

  godcrazzzy wrote @

sounds like my story…in exact. Thank God I found Jesus, he is all the dad i have ever known. this is truly gr8 writing.

  my6inchchallenge wrote @

Indeed godcrazzy, our heavenly daddy is the best! In loving us so well He teaches us how to love and forgive others by his example.

  godcrazzzy wrote @

so true…sooo true.

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