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I need nourishment — Eating for our health

"I need nourishment"

"Eating for our health"

My favorite meal is breakfast, my favorite kind of food is breakfast food. So as I pulled up to the table to have breakfast – a bowl of fruit (blueberries, pineapple, kiwi), with waffles, eggs, spinach, bell pepper, celery and a cup of hot tea; I was very surprised when the thought crept into my mind, “you should have some cookies with that.” There definitely was a traitor in the house. I don’t ever recall wanting cookies for breakfast and as I thought it could not hurt because my breakfast was healthy enough, I went back to my purpose for eating, “I need nourishment.”

That’s what I say sometimes instead of “I’m hungry.” “I need nourishment” reminds me that I eat mainly to nourish my body and not just to satisfy a hunger. It helps me to be consistent with eating foods that are geared towards a healthier lifestyle and not give in regularly to comfort foods.

It may be surprising to know that even though healthy eating is important to me I don’t do guilt trips when I don’t eat healthy. I allow myself the occasional splurge and fortunately my body and brain have been trained to desire healthy stuff  so every once in a while after my 6 scopes of soy cream or my 20 plus cookies, or Cheetos, my body declares that’s enough and I have no tolerance for them for a few months.

Remembering why we eat is a good start to moving towards healthier eating habits. Our bodies are so intelligent and when trained can be a guide to establishing its own healthy eating patterns. Accept the challenge and start training your body by feeding it those things that are healthy and then listen when it tells you it no longer desires the unhealthy foods it once craved.


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