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Relationships—An invitation to love

There he was after almost 14 years, a more mature version of his former self but I’d know him anywhere. What would you do if someone you’d been in relationship with, someone you’d thought at the time was essential  to your life, the person you’d wanted to hold on to, spend your life with—was there in the same grocery store about an arm’s length from you?

And what would you do if you found out that he had been thinking about you, wishing to see you again with the hope that as the years had changed and matured him (into a finer version of his fine self) and life had molded him so that his values were more in-tuned with yours and he’d said just the very process of living had brought about changes in his life and made him a more ardent seeker of God? What would you do?

Would you like Marcus Wiley’s Bishop Secular, throw up your hands shouting, “THANK YA!!”

Do you remember my previous post? Well, this was him, HIM! The him I had written about. I had not seen or spoken to him for almost 14 years and now four days after my “I thank God for unanswered prayers” post, there he was. He wanted to see me, spend time, catch up, cook for me, for us to get to know each again, rediscover if we still enjoyed each other’s company.

The fact that I was so tempted took me by surprise. As I continue to I think about relationships I realize there is something very seductive about the idea of being loved. The idea of being loved and loving someone, sharing time, space, laughter, good memories, life. And there are those who hold tightly to bad relationships with dreams of such experiences. Someone once told me she had never not been in a relationship since her teen years. She had kept moving from one relationship to another.

I’ve spent most of my life not dating, not for lack of opportunity but by choice. I have the advantage of not growing up in a “dating culture” and that makes it easier for me to refuse to spend time with people I really don’t want to be with. But over the years I’ve come to understand this need, why we make some of the choices we do, for not yielding to something we don’t really want is easy, but saying no when something in us longs to yes is much more difficult.

For you see two days before my previous post, six days before I ran into HIM I had given voice to a conviction as I talked with a close friend, “I’m not dating anyone for a while” I’d said to her as she talked about someone who was interested in me. She had laughed out loud saying, “Girl I really don’t understand you, it’s not as if you really date anyway.”

But I realize as I sit outside writing this post, enjoying life, nature, music—alone, but for that conviction I can’t really say that I would not have accepted the invitation to catch up, spend time, enjoy his cooking and just see…

This is Dona Halliday encouraging you to “honour your convictions as you move closer to your transformation.”

This is an invitation to love you’d not to miss, take a listen!


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Dona, this a very interesting post, to say the least. I have a question will send separately.

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