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A Conversation with Moses: Purpose, Preparation, Destiny

Purpose, Preparation, Destiny

A conversation with Moses

Mr. M, do you have a moment? I read about you last night and wanted to talk with you…

I want to know about the years before the “burning bush”. Last night I read you were a shepherd looking after your father-in-laws sheep for forty years. FORTY years Mr. M, that’s a life time!

Did you think you were forgotten? Did you still believe in Him? God I mean, did you still trust Him? You know your mom felt the Lord had purposed your birth and had great plans for your future. I’m sure with all her faith she never imagined you growing up in the palace, as a king’s son. I know she told you what a miracle it was how you were rescued by Pharaoh’s daughter and the way God ordered it so that she, your own mother, became your paid nurse. She made sure you knew your heritage, the greatness of God and His wonders among His people. Did you believe that Moses? After all, you did kill that fellow then ran for your life. You messed up, didn’t you? For instead of becoming a prince you became a shepherd…

Isn’t it strange though, how things can change so quickly. I bet you thought that day was going to be like the others. Then there was that burning bush. Right there in the ordinariness of your life God showed up and changed your destiny forever. Wow, that must have been something!

Did you feel prepared for such a huge assignment? You must not have, Mr M, because I read you told God that you could not speak. I’m not judging, I understand. I can’t imagine you felt the need to practice your oratory skills while tending sheep, and not to say anything against Mrs. M, but, I heard she was quite a talker and did not allow you to get a word in.

Then it was rumored you got upset one day when you got home and Mrs. M. had been out “visiting” and had not prepared dinner. Someone said you got so angry that you dropped her best china and said if she was not going to cook she did not need plates. I don’t know how true any of that is, but the reason I brought up your excuses and temper is because I’ve been making excuses, too. I keep asking God to perfect me before He sends me. You see Mr. M, I’m still too impatient and don’t love like I should, there is still so much in me that need to be changed and I don’t want to go like I am because I may hurt someone. Do you understand Mr. M?

What did you say? You weren’t perfect either, you still got angry sometimes, and still broke stuff. Tablets? Sure, I heard about that Mr. M. Those tablets were mighty important and you threw them down and broke them too, just like Mrs. M’s dishes. Wow, but God still did some powerful things through you, didn’t He? You led his people out of Egypt! Who would have thought while you were learning to care for sheep, God was preparing your heart to lead his people? It goes to show Mr. M. you never know, God could be preparing you and yet the thing may seem so purposeless.

Thanks for your time Mr M. No, I did not introduce myself, I’m Dona Halliday. Yes, it’s quite a challenge, but remembering God is faithful and my destiny is secure keep me steady.

Take a listen: Hezekiah Walker – Faithful is our God


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