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The power of the tongue: Saying what God says

Sunday evening found me just sitting around. I was pondering what I had learned about seven hours before. That Sunday morning I had heard a sermon that covered the power of confession — empowering our lives through our speech by speaking what God says. Encouraged to develop my personal confession and speak those things that I wanted to see manifest in my life, I sat thinking.

I was wondering what would make such a practice effective when I reached for my bible. It opened to several verses I had highlighted. Without thinking much about it I started reading the verses aloud like I normally do, but I read that passage like I had never read it before, because I realized, this was what I wanted more than anything else. This would be my daily confession.

My aha moment was when I grasped the power behind the practice of confession. Faith is believing that God exists, that He is faithful to and capable of performing what He says. But saying what He says is not just for Him, it’s for us, for there is an awareness, an alertness, a shaping that take place with the confession of truth. There is an awakening, transforming, renewing of the mind that open our eyes to opportunities for practicing our confession.

Tonight at bible study our pastor said it best when he said, the Word FORMS US, not just informs us. So tonight before I go to bed, once again I will confess and reaffirm this great desire that my heart holds:
“Love is patient, therefore I am patient. Love is kind, therefore I am kind. Love does not envy, therefore I will not be envious of others. Love does not boast, therefore I will not be boastful. Love is not proud, therefore I will walk in humility. Love is not rude, therefore I will be courteous. Love is not self-seeking, therefore I will seek the good of others. Love keeps no record of wrongs, therefore I will be quick to forgive. Love does not delight in evil, therefore I will not delight in wrong, Love rejoices with the truth, therefore I will rejoice in the truth of God’s word. Love always protects, therefore I will protect the people in my life. Love always trusts, therefore I will trust and be trust worthy. Love always hopes, therefore I will live in hope. Love always perseveres, therefore I will never give up. Love never fails, therefore I will love totally and unconditionally.

This is Dona Halliday encouraging you to take time to hear God speak, then say what He says.

Take a listen to this song from MercyMe — Word of God Speaks



  godcrazzzy wrote @

great. always liked stopping.

  my6inchchallenge wrote @

Thanks much, I always love getting your feed back.

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