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Get up! Don’t just sit there. Check on your resolutions.

The call to get up and go about the business of accomplishing those things we plan to do is really a call to move with urgency.

Get up, don't just sit there!

I stood counting on my fingers like a child. “September, October, November, December.” I was finally convinced, the year was slipping away. As if to press home the point, blasting from the radio, Mary Mary through their song issued this command, “…GET UP, ’cause you can’t stop, GET UP, got a lot to do, 24 hours almost gone, GET UP don’t sit there, GET UP, if you wanna get there, clocks don’t stop and time won’t wait…”

That was Sept, 1st. Earlier, I had jumped out of bed at about 4:45a.m., grabbed a 4″ x 6″ card, wrote on it in bright green letters and stuck it on the TV screen. My subconscious must have formed an alliance with Mary Mary, for my, NO TV, SEPTEMBER note, meant there was better use of my time and there were too many goals that were still untouched.

Four days later at about 8p.m, I said to my second mom, “I’m going to Wal-Mart I need something to exercise my brain,” (one of my goals). Laura, almost 88 years young said she needed that as well. So we had headed to Wal-Mart where I had purchased a game of scrabble and book puzzles, and she, an electronic Ken-Ken.

For the last 17 days, I’ve played Sudoku (EASY level), done cross-word puzzles, dusted off my keyboard (wanting to teach myself to play was yet another unmet goal), pulled out one of hymnals and taught myself to play “Jesus loves me, this I know”, 2 days ago I got back on track to teach myself basic website building and before the end of next week I will have at least the home page of my site online.

This may not seem like much, but after my daily activities, I would still have been on the sofa, snuggled in the arms of good intentions, accomplishing nothing, but for that prompting to get moving.

How are your goals, plans, resolutions, going? In the words of Mary Mary, I am Dona Halliday challenging you to “GET UP… It’s YOUR dreams, YOUR choice, YOUR time, YOUR life, don’t you miss it.”


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