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From the mouth of Babes… Stand on God’s word

There is so much we can learn as children. Learning to trust and stand on God's word are lessons we can't learn too early in life

Stand on the word of God

I was on the phone talking with my grand-nephew, at 3 years he seems to be at the questioning stage. “Aunty Dona, way you be?” he asked in our island dialect. “I’m in Atlanta,” I answered. He kept going down the list, “Way uncle Livingston? Way you daddy be?” After he had finished the list of all the people he could think about in our lives, I asked him same questions.

“J’ where are you? Where is your daddy? Where is …?” After he got tired of my questions I heard him say ” I be , I be, I …, correcting  him I said,  “J’, say I am.”  “I BE, I BE, I BE…”  “J’Kwon, say I am.”  “I BE…” in the midst of thinking what a strong-willed child he was, I caught the rest of what he was saying and realized that he may not have had it right, but I was not right either. “…I BE, I BE,” he continued, “yes, that’s the book for me, …” Normally during our conversations he would sing a song and I had missed his transition to song. He had started singing a song I had learned as a child. “The B-I-B-L-E , yes, that’s the book for me, I stand alone on the word of God, the B-I-B-L-E…”

I started singing with him and afterward thought how teachable we are as children. That was a song that had shaped so much of my faith as a child and young adult. We would sing that song as a medley and we would transition to “Jesus will never fail, never fail…, no, no, no. Jesus will satisfy, satisfy…yes, yes, yes!

Faith and trust in God had been so simple to me as a child. I had had wonderful Sunday school teachers who had taught me the steadfastness and dependability of God and I had figured at an early age that though my biological father was absent and my stepfather was elsewhere emotionally, my heavenly Father was always present.

I had strayed from that faith as an adult but those childhood lessons had still shaped so much of what I did and had established a longing that had made it impossible for me to remain disconnected from God. As I type this post, I pause to sing with assurance some of that same medley, “No, no, never will the Saviour leave me, no, no, never will He forsake me…”

In times of despair, hardship or even failure, I challenge you to draw on your faith. If you have children teach them now by your words and your walk. This is Dona Halliday reminding you, as my nephew reminded me, we can stand on the word of  God.



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I Like that… I be, I be.

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Thanks Morris. Great connecting again

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