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Confessions of a practical romantic – knocked off my feet by love

Knocked off my feet by love

Confessions of a practical romantic

As a child I loved fairy tales, I’m a lover of stories really. I loved getting lost in my own imagination and escape to a world of dreams. Somewhere along the way that child who loved fantasy grew to be extremely practical, especially when it comes to the things of love. I label myself  “a practical romantic”.

I still enjoy getting lost in romantic comedies and fairy tales. I even enjoy well-known romantic things, like, taking long walks, playing in the rain, holding hands, spending time, etc. but unlike some of my friends, I’ve never had a longing to have someone show up on a white horse riding to my rescue. So the idea of being knocked off my feet by love is not something that I think can happen to me, I’m way too practical.

However, there are different kinds of love and there are different ways to be knocked off one’s feet. So, once upon a time, well, about two Wednesday nights ago, as I was leaving our Wednesday night bible study I spotted a very young friend of mine, she is about 5 years. I realized she had seen me so I stooped to get down to her level and opened my arms, she came running toward me then threw herself  into my arms, unprepared for the impact I was knocked off my feet and landed on my bottom.

Several seconds after my bottom hit the floor, from behind, I felt these hands slip beneath my arms. Someone had seen me fall and had come to my rescue. Note to self, please learn to be gracious when being rescued …. for, as my rescuer tried to lift me from the floor I was resisting with my weight saying “Stop it, stop it, no…” (I really need to work on that “I can do it myself” attitude). Suddenly, the entire thing seemed very funny and I gave way to laughter. As I relaxed, the gentleman lifted me from the floor and I stood up laughing, saying “I can’t say I’ve never been knocked off my feet by love.” Once again I opened my arms to my young friend who was on the verge of tears, covering her face and trying to hide behind her mom. Once again she came running, I caught her, lifted her and hugged her close hoping to teach her never to embarrassed or ashamed when expressing genuine love.

Love is probably the most powerful force that we possess, yet somehow along the way we learn to accept and give its counterfeit, deny it, hide it, hold it back and protect ourselves from it.

But as we all learn to love better, this is Dona Halliday challenging you with some words from one of the most beautiful love stories I’ve seen, “A beautiful mind,” a movie based loosely on the life John Nash. “… I have made the most important discovery of my career – the most important discovery of my life. It is only in the mysterious equations of love that any logic or reason can be found. I am only here tonight because of you …”  this said by John F. Nash to his wife as he received the Nobel Laureate in Economics — in the movie, his wife, who in spite of the fact discovered early in their marriage that he was schizophrenic, in spite of the fact that their marriage, because of his illness, held none of the romance she had dreamed of — she choose to love what she knew was inside him even though she could not see it, and exhibited the act of love that was so enduring that it took him all the way to the Nobel prize.

May we all discover a love like that within ourselves  — definitely the kind that would knock one off ones’ feet.



  nobusysignal wrote @

A Beautiful Mind…a beautiful love…another great post to your blog.

  my6inchchallenge wrote @

Thanks nobusysignal.

  Elise wrote @

I happened upon your blog while waiting in the doctor’s office. Your writings are humorous filled with so much truth. Write on!

  my6inchchallenge wrote @

Thanks so much Elise. I love getting feedback, so I appreciate you taking the time to let me know you found me. I pray all is well, God’s blessings

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