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Learning to soar again — thank God for turning points

Learning to Soar Again

Thank God for Turning Points

I dreamt I was flying last night. It was not graceful, it was not pretty, but I was flying again.

I used to dream I was flying, all the time. I would go to sleep and awake in this land of beauty — this place of valleys and mountains, rivers and lakes, flowers and trees — I would spread my wings then take off and SOAR. I used to dream I could fly, all time.

Then one night, I can remember it now, when I had taken flight, I dreamt something was trying to pull me down, make me fall, stop me from flying. In my consciousness I knew exactly what it was, but I did nothing about it. I did not flee, I did not take greater care to guard my heart — you see, I felt it could never happen to me.

I dreamt for a long time, while in flight something would try to pull me out of the sky. During that time I was fluttering a lot, trying my best to keep flying, then I fell…

The thing is I had not dreamt I could fly for years, even worst I had forgotten that I was a dreamer who flew. I had forgotten, until this morning. This morning in bed contemplating getting up I remembered that I had been flying last night. I started rejoicing because I could fly again. Then my mind went back to my dream and I saw myself in flight and I became alarmed.

In my dream I was flying, but not in the open space of beauty and freedom, I was in a building with a very high ceiling and as I flew I was trying to avoid columns and doorposts. But stranger yet was the fact that instead of spreading my wings like an eagle, the way I used to fly, I was making swim strokes. I was in the air, flying, using swim strokes. In alarm I cried, “Father, look, look! I’m flying like a fish.”

He spoke to my spirit and said “The important thing is that you are off the ground, you just have to relearn what you once knew. I have you in a place of safety so you can relearn how to move like an eagle again.”

I believe this marks another turning point in my life. As a people who sometimes lose our ability to fly and have to learn to soar again, we have to be thankful for turning points, because it means we can move from where we are to another place, another level.

If you feel weighted down by the seeming inability to rise, whatever the weight is, maybe help can come in the simple form of a reminder, that we were designed to soar, and we can always go back to our designer for help. Maybe our inability to fly comes from our inability to remember we are fliers — this is Dona Halliday challenging you to remember, challenging you to move, challenging you to rise, challenging you to soar.


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