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When God does not work… Can you really trust God?

“This is a radioactive pill,” the technician explained, “please make sure you do not touch it with your fingers, just toss it into your mouth and drink the water.”

I’m generally very careful about what I put into my body. As a result, I’ve never drank coffee, I do not like chocolate, (except Snickers bar) I’ve never had any of those fancy “‘ccino” drinks from Starbucks, I’ve not drank soda since my teen years, I do not drink alcohol, have never smoked, and other than my multivitamin I do not like pills.

So as I sat in that tiny room holding a vial, I was not feeling very happy about having to down a radioactive pill. “… There are absolutely no side effects,” the technician continued. So I had behaved like an adult, thrown back the pill and swallowed the water.

In December, about a week before I had my physical, I had listened to Roger Olson’s critique of the book “The Shack” by William P Young, and that moment completely shifted my perspective.

The story is about a man called Mack whose youngest daughter was murdered by  a serial killer. This began Mack’s journey of dealing with the horrific places life can take us, his struggle with accepting a God who did not act, and his discovery of God.

I’m not one of those persons who believe everything happens for a reason. Yes, I believe there are some things that God orchestrates, but I also believe that evil people cause destruction that God never intended. I believe greed, hatred and lust destroy families that God ordained should stay together. I believe the selfishness of others have caused some to go hungry and homeless. I believe, like the choice of Adam and Eve to disobey God, our choices are more far-reaching and long-lasting, and can affect the lives of others in ways we cannot imagine. I believe life happens. I also firmly believe that when the negative and painful things of life are offered to God, He can take them and use them purposefully.

I wonder if there are some, like Mack, who after some challenge or tragedy came to the conclusion that “God does not work.” I’m also not one of those persons who believe we should live in denial, hiding behind a smile. I believe God gave us real human emotions to express the joys and sorrows of our hearts. When I’m happy I laugh, so when I’m hurting I try to get to the safety of God’s arms and have a good cry. When I’m uncertain and feel unsafe I tell God about that too. When I’m angry, fearful or disappointed and I can’t seem to find the words to pray I hope there will always be a song. I remember that Jesus, in sorrow, cried and begged his Father to spare him the pain of the cross. I wonder if He thought that God did not work as He cried from the cross, “Why have you forsaken me?”

As I write now, I know what I’ve asked God to do, I also know that God can do what I’ve asked Him to. The shift that has taken place because of “The shack” is that I’ve discovered God in a new way. I’ve recognized His sovereignty, might, power, love,  grace, goodness, and I know no matter what happens in my world God’s worth does not change.

As King of all kings and Lord of all lords he deserves our praise, our worship, our lives. When I remember that, peace fills up the place when chaos threatens, praise pushes away complaints, and in spite of what does not seem perfect in my world I raise my hands in worship knowing that God is.

Can the good shepherd be trusted? Yes, He can be trusted, I trust Him with my life. Does God work? Max Lucado  reminds me that God is always at work, sometimes He calms the sea, and sometimes, (if we allow Him to) He calms the sailor.



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  nobusysignal wrote @

Great post woman of God, I read the shack a couple years ago. It was a very good book indeed.

  my6inchchallenge wrote @

Thanks @nobusysignal. “Finding God in the Shack,” was a play-a-way I picked up at the library. I thought it was an error at first because I was looking for something else. It turned out to be exactly what I needed at the time. It was truly amazing. It definitely shifted somethings in my world… It even helped to provide the assurance I was looking for to go ahead and join the church I had been attending for over a year.

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