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Such as I have… the power to bring about change

“Sista, Sista, do you have .50 cents or even twenty-five cents, I need some change?” I turned and he cried out again, “Sista, Sista!” I was at Kroger, it was after 9:00 pm on Thursday. I stopped just before I entered, and looked up into his face. I saw this young man probably in his mid twenties. His skin was jet black, his eyes wide and brilliantly white, his lips parched…

I had been heading home from a Toastmasters International area speech contest where I had represented my club, and my car had missed the exit that would have taken me directly home. However, when I found my bearings I spotted a Kroger and decided to stop and get groceries.

As I walked around in Kroger I could not forget him. I had promised I’d give him some change after I had shopped, and though I did not immediately see him when I made my exit, breaking through the otherwise silent night, I soon heard, “Sista…!”

Something in his voice and the way he smiled reminded me of my baby brother. I gave him some change and after we exchanged somewhat awkward farewells of God bless yous, I headed for my car.

As I walked to my car I thought about the speech I had delivered earlier that evening, “Cause a shift in your world,” that had won me the best speaker certificate. I had replaced the word change with the word shift because my pastor, Reginald Garmon of Word of Faith Love Center had been declaring since the beginning of the year that God was getting ready to shift some things. As I got to the car something within me said “what you gave him can never change his world.”

I felt like turning around, taking a hold of him and saying like Peter, “Silver or gold I do not have but such as I have I give to you…”

But what would I offer him? I asked myself. Peter by God’s power had offered healing to the man who had begged him for money and though he had been crippled from birth the man’s feeble legs had gained the strength that enabled him to get up and walk; but from all appearances this young man seemed to be in perfect health, physically. So what was the “Such” that I had to offer…

Those of us who name the name of Jesus the Christ if we could grasp the power that God invests in lives that are surrendered and consecrated to Him; on His authority, we can speak to situations around us and declare that we have something that can change our world, “such as I have I give to you, in the name of Jesus of Nazareth,….!”

I can still see his face. I feel as though I missed an opportunity for God to affect positive change in this young man’s life. He was in his mid twenties, begging for “change.” I had delivered a speech that night that I had prayed if God would give me something to say I’d take it to the places He’d take me, but I had missed the chance to see the Power behind the speech.

So once again I pray this prayer similar to one I had read that Moses prayed “God, how will anyone know that you are pleased with me and with your people unless your power is evident in us? If we don’t have your presence and your power to bring change to our world, what will distinguish me and your people from all the other people on the face of the earth?”


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