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In the eyes of the beholder… beautiful, naturally

Strive to be the beauty that is naturally yours.

In the eyes of the beholder

No husband wants to come home to a wife who looks like a greasy frying pan, with curlers sticking out of her hair.” This from the man who was most influential in shaping the first 20 something years of my life. My pastor. As a teen and young adult I had to prepare lessons to teach a Sunday school class, prepare a text to deliver on some Wednesday and Sunday nights, and if on any occasion I did not look just right I’d be sure to hear about it.

I can’t remember any other words from a sermon my former pastor preached or a bible study he taught, but this I remember. So this morning as I ran around the house doing laundry, still sporting the hairdo I had slept in, when I caught myself in the mirror I started laughing.

I find amusing the different ideas of beauty. I realize if we don’t determine what beauty means to us, we can find ourselves dissatisfied with ourselves, as we chase the ever-changing ideals of beauty.

I consider myself to be somewhat of a Plain Jane, for though I love being beautiful I do not like excesses — no fake nails, fake hair, tattooed brows or weekly visits to the beauty salon for me. I hate looking all perfect and done over. Actually, I’m a homemade variety. I do my own nails, brows, and when I can, my own hair. I’ve unintentionally insulted make artists who have tried to convince me that I need to up my beauty standard by going straight to the ladies room and washing my face after they have invested their time in making me over.

Even though I know being beautiful requires some work, my idea of beauty is simple. I want to step out of the shower, lace on my shoes, grab a purse, shake out my hair and head out the door. I have no line of makeup, no brand of beauty supplies. I have a black eyeliner, face powder, a container with earth tone eye shadow, a red lipstick that’s probably over 2 years old, two lip balms, and oh, coconut oil.

Someone I once dated said I was low-maintenance. I thought that was fabulous, he didn’t think so. “No, I do not take money from men even if I’m in a relationship with them. I can pay to get my own nails, brows and hair done if I want to. No, I don’t care if the women you dated went to the beauty salon every week.” Beholders can be so problematic sometimes. LOL!

There’s nothing wrong with women loving getting their nails and hair and other things done. I believe people should pursue what make them beautiful. However, it’s important to me to be the one who determines my individual beauty, and even that can change as I grow.

Although I’m not chasingĀ  a physical ideal, there is a beauty that every now and again I find myself saying out loud, “oooo, I want that!” This kind of beauty you have to work for, and discipline yourself to attain. With the same enthusiasm and desire that I hear from one of my co-workers when she sees something beautiful, especially beautiful shoes, I find myself craving beauty in character when I see it lived out. “Daddy, daddy,” I whisper out loud, “that’s what I want!”


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