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Tackling difficulties and overcoming the challenges life serves up – by Dona Halliday

What kind of God would act like that?

I wept for Judas. I’d been where he’d been, on the edge of that place where by my action I’d tried to force God from His seeming inaction. That place where I had exchanged my relationship with Him, maybe not for money, but for some sweet, immediate, selfish thing that had never been worth it. I’d cried tears of regret thinking my sin too dark, my betrayal too great. Convinced I’d gone too far, sinned too much. But unlike Judas — In the still of the night, while guilt and accusations rested — I recalled His unconditional love and sought His forgiveness.

I wept for Peter, whose denial had been as strong as his declaration of love and allegiance. I remember when my fear, my lack of faith had caused my life to shout out loud, “What Christ? I don’t know Him!” I’d been where Peter had been…

But I can’t look at you…

Bruised, bloodied, and way too human. What kind of God would act like that? You, Jesus, God in the flesh – humiliated by those you created, mocked and scorned by those who breathe your air, who live only because you gave them life. Whipped by hands that borrowed your strength, spat on by lips you formed… Weary, bent, limping, bleeding, dragging that heavy, wooden cross. WHAT KIND OF GOD would act like that?

Torn flesh, pierced side, ripped brows, hands and feet fastened to a cross – wounded, hurting, rejected — it’s breaking my heart–I can’t stand looking up at you…

I can’t stand the sight of MY sin, shame, brokenness and rejection so visibly weighting you down, causing you pain, separating you from your Father — this was for me and all humanity…

Did others view your love as weakness? Did they despise you because you did not strike back with power? Did they really think themselves capable of taking the life of God’s son?

What made you go, God of Glory, servant to man? What made you endure — serving, loving, forgiving, saving, transforming, healing, reconciling, empowering? You, the perfect sacrifice for your Father’s justice. Before You came I could not come — none could come to the Father without your sacrifice.

…What kind of God would act like that?

The One whose love for  the world drove Him to the cross, compelled Him to sacrifice His life, bear our pain, purchase our salvation, secure our peace and well-being, and gifted us with everything — now and for the future — that we need for life and Godliness.


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