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The journey to “suddenly” – It can all change in a moment

There is a journey to suddenly, a time of growth, transformation, readiness - then, "Suddenly"
Prepared for “Suddenly”

I really don’t know how it happened… I kept wondering if things were ever going to change — get better, you know? I was at a point of desperation, and just when I thought I could not hold on for another second, suddenly there was a knock on the door and my life changed completely…

I don’t know whose story those lines are from but I know that we have all longed to get that place of “Suddenly.”  That pivotal moment when our faith interrupts reality and we know it has to be something supernatural, a God thing, because just a second before suddenly occurred there was absolutely no evidence that things would, or could possibly even change.
A funeral procession, a grieving woman who had recently lost her husband now cries over her dead son, her only son, THEN SUDDENLY….
A grave yard for a home, living among dead people, clothes torn, restrained with chains, his mind and body no longer his own, THEN SUDDENLY…
A  church service, a woman who could not even lift her head toward heaven because of her crippled body — bent over for 18 years, THEN SUDDENLY…
He sits on the roadside, begging, blind, and crying for mercy, THEN SUDDENLY….
I don’t understand God’s timing, but in my own life I’ve come to appreciate the journey to “Suddenly.” That season of stillness, challenges, pressure, growth, change. I believe with all my heart that God makes the difference. He shows up in our circumstances, and with a word and a touch; years of graveside, crippled, blinded, churched and dead living meets the transformation of “Suddenly.”

Are you in a situation that desperately needs the God of “Suddenly?” Seek Him and remain steadfast in your faith.


  gmomj wrote @

I sure could use some “suddenly”.

  my6inchchallenge wrote @

gmom, I’ve prayed that God who knows what you need most and the thing that is best will manifest Himself in your life, suddenly.

  Jnel wrote @

I really believe I am to hear this msg of “suddenly” it coincides with a msg that I was listen to last night by Joel Osteen that, God never leaves us in a negative…, that he will never leave us at a point where his (work, purpose for our lives) is incomplete… Then you wrote “suddenly” when his purpose ( our faith that may sometimes waver) is interrupted by his “suddenly” for his work (purpose) wasn’t completed. God’s timing is always best. I’m at a point that I eagerly await my “suddenly”

Thanks Dona 🙂

  my6inchchallenge wrote @

J, the waiting period can be so difficult, but there is so much preparation, growth and a new level of intimacy with God that can take place as we wait. For when suddenly comes that’s not the time to get ready for it. I praying that God will open up doors for you. Take care, my friend.

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