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The journey to hair – REthink beauty!

Natural hair, fro, kinky curly hair

There's a journey to appreciating the "different"

A black woman’s hair is very much like her nature — misunderstood by many — even her own. In its natural state, without knowledge of its nature, it may appear to be coarse and stubborn, hard and inflexibly, lacking beauty and dignity — Think again! There is a journey to the love of natural hair – that space of enlightenment and appreciation.

In the right hands, with the investment of time and care one will find that natural hair is not stubborn at all — but soft and yielding yet strong and enduring, with the ability to flex, bend, twist, change, adjust.

It has a uniqueness and beauty all its own — it is distinct — yet it recognizes the beauty and uniqueness of all others even those unlike itself.

Because it appreciates the beauty of variety, in wisdom it asks — what if every flower were a lily, every tree an oak, every fruit a mango, the only color red, the only texture curly…  what if everyone looked like you… or me?

Take the challenge and REthink beauty!



  Anonymous wrote @

Only you can talk about natural hair in a way that others are enlightened, inspired and educated – all at the same time.

  my6inchchallenge wrote @

Thanks Anonymous. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

  Amber wrote @

This was very beautifully written. Black women need to hear this more and more.

  my6inchchallenge wrote @

Thanks for the encouragement, K. Help spread the word.

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