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A matter of the heart – Are you fit to lead?

How does one choose a leader? What would you look for if you were choosing your king?

Here is a story of two kings:

When Saul was chosen as king he was described as “an impressive young man, with none his equal, taller than everyone else.”

When the prophet was sent to anoint David, God said “…I’m not looking at the outward appearance, I’m looking at the heart.

For the work at hand God had to shift Saul‘s heart. David, while tending sheep had been cultivating intimacy with God and was described as “a man after God’s own heart.”

When it was time to make Saul king, he was afraid and was found hiding among the baggage. Before David was made king, with courage he challenged his troubles and was a lion, bear and giant slayer.

The first indication of Saul as a worshipper was after he became king – he built an altar. Even as a shepherd, it was noted that the Lord was with David, and before his battle with Goliath, David boasted about the might of his God.

Saul thought he could do God’s business his way, he did not keep God’s command, so his kingdom was taken from him and given to David.

After Saul sinned, he denied it, shifted responsibility, justified his actions, and sought to be spared the embarrassment of sin’s consequences.

When David sinned, though he tried to cover it up, when he was confronted by the prophet, in humility he repented. Though forgiven, David still had to endure the consequences of his actions.

In challenging times, when leadership is needed, what if God could find, already about his business, men and women after His heart.


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