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Hair comes trouble!

Natural hair causes trouble?

Natural Hair Troublemakers

Why don’t you go fix your hair? You look like trouble! That my friends is the voice of my serious nature, my predominant self. I don’t think I was always so serious but at some point in my life I turned into a serious child and then a very serious teenager. As a matter of fact my love for play normally only becomes very evident when I step out of my high heels and slip on sneakers, that is until now… Until I made that transition back to the natural texture of my hair that seemingly released a much more fun-loving me.

“If you don’t behave yourself I’ll straighten your hair and pull it back into a bun,” threatened my serious self. “What did I do?” countered my natural hair self. I really had not done anything. What had happened was that earlier that day there I was in a conversation with this beautiful brown brother, smiling, laughing and being all chatty. ME, being chatty! When he said he loved my outfit, it looked very artistic, I had struck a poise and when he had commented on my shoes I had done a little foot modeling to showcase them.

Miss Serious had butted in with “WHO are you, and what do you think you are doing?” My natural hair self had responded, “I have not done it for a while, but I think I might be flirting.” That’s when the threats had started.

To make matters worse a few weeks prior I had been going about my business not paying attention to anything else in particular when I had run across this other brown brother who I’ve known for over a year. I had not paid him much attention even though my friends thought him handsome and said he was interested, but that day my natural haired self upon seeing him had released a mentally approving “Oooooo”sound as he stood around in a little jersey top and bottom…(obviously I have to develop my descriptive self).

As I relayed the incident to a very close friend I had her in stitches, maybe not so much because of what I was saying but maybe more so because I don’t normally have those conversations. This friend is the one who told me the material I cover in my writing is normally very heavy so this is my attempt to step on the lighter side.

I love both my serious and my fun nature because they help to balance me. However, on behalf of my natural hair self I say to my serious self the trouble I want to cause has nothing to do with my hair or my appearance. I want to cause the Elijah kind of trouble, the Paul and Silas kind of trouble…

I want to trouble those who trouble the weak, the helpless and the innocent, where I not only take a stand against injustice but I stand for justice, where daily my life is surrendered and consecrated so completely to Christ that He can freely accomplish through me anything He desires, where I show up, live up, step up, speak up, love up, lift up, until transformation takes place.

…For, if darkness considers light to be troublesome then look out, for by the power of God, HERE COMES TROUBLE!



  Natrodisiac wrote @

I enjoyed the read and creativity, assuming your artistic side. ‘Hair Comes Trouble’ is a great story of a bi polar woman with a great heart! …just kidding…but seriously I enjoyed your blog tonight.

  my6inchchallenge wrote @

LOL! No one has ever described me as bi-polar before, but who wants to be one dimensional, that would be totally unbalanced. Thanks for the feed back and for causing me to smile for the 2nd time this a.m.

  Joliluja wrote @

So good! This made me laugh. I have found myself in some of the same situations!

  my6inchchallenge wrote @

Thanks Joliluja! I love getting feedback and your gave me a chance to find you. Love your heart for God!

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