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When sin is in the camp, destruction may be near

It’s Saturday, a gorgeous day, the sky clear,  blue and beautiful. I’m loving the gentle breeze as I lay in the shade in the park — reading. I’m familiar with the story but have never seen it quite this way.

I turned the page thinking – the way that they are living will cause others to die…

Something had gone wrong. The had had everything they thought they needed to ensure their victory, but they had failed and thousands had died …

They were equipped with:
1. Two men of God accompanying them to battle
2. The ark of the covenant which represented the presence of God
3. A shout that was so mighty that it caused the earth to shake and terrified their enemies when they heard it.

1. Their priests had died
2. 30 thousand more soldiers had been killed
3. and the ark of the covenant had been captured by the enemy

They did not know:
1. They could not manipulate God with religious words, acts or symbols
2. Sin was in their camp. The wicked ways of their priests were not overlooked by GodGod had already pronounced judgment, they were going to be destroyed
3. If God is not impressed by our shout, it does not matter who we try to frighten with it


Worthwhile Warfare – The Fight Against Injustice

It seemed strange, though these movies were totally different I was left with similar emotions of horror, disbelief and repulsion. I had just watched “Lakota Woman – Siege at Wounded Knee” and it brought to my mind the battle that took place in the movie “Avatar”. Different indeed, one based on real events, the other on fantasy, but the things that led up to the battles seemed so similar Greed – one group willing to fight for something that belonged to someone else; Fear – taking the things people fear and don’t understand and feeding them to build hate; Anger – emphasizing the need to protect against those whom we fear and destroying before we are destroyed.

There is injustice all around us on varying scales (from the employer who fattens his bank account while his workers struggle to exist on minimum wage, to a race of people who were driven from place to place and almost destroyed). It becomes easier, I guess, when we don’t see others as human as ourselves. So, we degrade them, call them names, remind ourselves that they are not like us, and as in “Lakota Woman” we call the people we don’t know or understand – savages; in “Avatar” – monkeys; we call our blacks the “N” word; our women the “B” word and everyday it becomes easier for injustice and violation to abound.

After seeing “Avatar” I remember thinking that I will never view war in the same way, and though I believe there are some battles that needed and still need to be fought, and this memorial day I honor the men and women who gave and are giving their lives for freedom and the fight against injustice, I believe that some battles are founded on greed, hatred and division.

So as our soldiers bravely fight our battles overseas may we look around us and willingly face the challenges that need to be confronted in our midst. Where we see injustice and others being violated in our workplaces, our homes, our neighborhoods, our entertainment, and even in our churches may we fight not with the destructive weapons of guns and bombs but may we speak out against it, call it out so it does not remain hidden and live out justice because this indeed is worthwhile warfare.

Move forward with courage, there are giants ahead

Today, I’m allowing myself the rare indulgence of remembering some experiences I’d rather forget. These were tough ones, my giants, I call them. Though they were challenging, I’m reminiscing not with regret, but with awe, because I found the courage to move forward and overcome; as a result I’m stronger because of, and, in spite of my giants.

Last week I read of someone else who had to face a giant, his giant had a name, Goliath. As I read the story again I was impacted by this — the story says that as Goliath was moving toward David with the confidence that he was going to destroy him, David started running toward the giant.

Now, what causes one to do that? What made David, the boy, run toward Goliath, the champion giant, to do battle?

Here are 6 things I learned from that story:

1. We might as well develop the spirit of a giant slayer, giants will be around as long as we live. (David had been chasing giants and slaying them as a shepherd tending his father’s sheep, these giants were in the form of lions and bears)
2. Shout the battle cry even if you are afraid. (The israelite army took up their battle positions, shouting the war cry, but they were afraid. God sent a deliverer, David).
4. Expect criticism and put down from others, even those closest to you. (David’s brother derided him for having the nerve to see himself as a giant slayer).
3. Use what you have, and what from experience you know will work (David fought Goliath with what he knew, a sling, a stone and a mountain of faith).
5. Check your motives and know that your love for what you are defending can give you the courage that drives you toward your giants. (David’s indignation propelled him to do battle with the one who had defied God’s army).
6. Know the source of your power. (Though seemly armed with only a sling and 5 stones, David knew his power came from God).

Offensive Positions – When Something Within Cries, “Attack!”

Resist the Attack Mode

"Life's not a game, don't live it offensively."

The year is still young, and in spite of resolutions to grow, change and do better, we can find ourselves already taking familiar positions of offense. Offensive positions have once again been taken in families, among friends, with co-workers and even in churches. Familiar emotions of anger, bitterness, resentment and even envy have taken their places, and the calm resolve with which we may have determined to respond to challenges disappears, and in its place there is a voice that cries, “ATTACK!”.

With frustration, we realize that we handled this better,  just yesterday, but the lesson here is that growth and change is no one-time victory. We can’t declare victory without vigilance in maintaining and protecting it.

I’ve found that being honest with myself is always the best approach to uproot and avert the re-emergence of negative emotions and bad habits. These are the steps I take to make sure that even though I may have lost a battle today, I can regroup and refocus so that I can have victories tomorrow.

Take time to look at what I’m feeling and what the real issue is

• Be honest, no matter how ugly the truth

• Take action. Talk it through and be willing to own my part in the conflict

• Be willing to listen

• Be willing to forgive


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