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KISS me slowly, sweetheart. In honor of breast cancer awareness month

Breast Cancer Pink Ribbon

Find help to remain strong when dealing with the challenges of Breast Cancer

Kiss me slowly, sweetheart, she whispered. It was another one of their games she had invented after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Life had been such a whirlwind before. Their schedules hardly allowed them time together. They would dash off to work at mornings and fall into bed exhausted at nights. With schedules and functions and staying focused on that damnable goal they would throw each other a quick kiss accompanied by a sleepy goodnight and drift off to sleep.

Why does it take something devastating to make us reevaluate our lives? How do we lose sight of the really important things so easily?

Sabina and Sebastian had been stunned after they had received the diagnosis – Sabina had Stage III breast cancer. In the midst of the decision-making, surgery and treatments they had needed help to just cope with it.

One morning as Sebastian had brushed her lips with a kiss, she had wrapped her arms around his neck and whispered, “Kiss me slowly, sweetheart.” She hated this terrible disease and what it had done to her body but loved this person she never knew her husband could be.

It was he who had told her to ask for the KISS  principle or any variations of it when she needed it. When things got overwhelming, she would say, “Keep It Simple, Sweetheart.”  Shortly after, that had morphed in any request she could invent that involved the word kiss and they had found pure, simple fun even in their tragedy as they tried to out do each other’s level of creativity.

Sabina had excellent doctors, her faith in God had been challenged and strengthened, her love for Sebastian had deepened, yet she knew tomorrow was not promised. She had to love and live well, today.

So whatever you are going through:
Find the “simple” in the midst of it
• Allow yourself to be loved
Have fun with those in your space
Remember your faith in God CAN bear up beneath tough challenges
• …and if you have someone to share a kiss with – take it slow and savor it – tomorrow is not promised.


Symbol of hope — fight against breast cancer

Pink - Symbol of Hope

I looked around, still giggling out loud. I was leaving the Halloween section in Kroger and my favorite thing there every year is the candy bowl with the skeleton hand. I had pushed all the buttons, giggling like a child as the skeleton hands had grabbed, and those wicked, raspy voices had laughed and asked “Want some candy?”

I had spent too much time there already, but as I looked around the color pink caught my eyes. Orchids were now housed in pink containers, cases of bottled water were wrapped in pink plastic with the stories of cancer survivors  printed on them. I pulled out my glasses, stopped, read their stories, suddenly feeling somber. Blurs of pink passed me as I read, and I noted that like myself others were wearing some shade of pink. “Who were these women?” I wondered, “what are there stories?”

For the week I had wrapped my head in a pink scarf in support of  Breast Cancer awareness month, I saw pink as this symbol of hope, this reminder that others were aware of this challenge, that people were uniting their efforts, pooling their resources, something was being done. But even as I had worn pink during the week my mind had been occupied by other things, it’s so easy to forget when the struggle, the pain, the loss, the victory is not our own.

As I pulled cash from my purse to pay for my purchases I also pulled out a card and handed it to the cashier. The card, urges us to moves beyond the symbol to a point of action where we take personal responsible for our health. This card introducing BreasText is sponsored by Doris Shaheen Breast Health Center at Piedmont Hospital, 97.1 FM The River and Best Self Magazine. Personally, I had already taken action, I had texted the word Breast to 72239 and immediately I had received a text from the hospital assigning me a day that they will send me a reminder to do my monthly breast self-exam.

Symbols are great, but they should focus our attention on doing something, taking action, getting involved, making a change. I am Dona Halliday, challenging you to take personal responsibility and sign on for your health, send a text that can save your life.

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