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The Caterpillar and I

My first impulse was to step on it. I don’t like bugs. But as I watched it, the caterpillar’s body, slow, a little clumsy, yet beautiful, I was fascinated. It was out of its element, crawling, seemly getting nowhere — reminding me of life sometimes.

Sometimes it seems no matter how hard we try or how fast we move we’ll never get to our destination. The challenge? Remain steady and keep at it even when progress seems slow.

In your caterpillar phase remember that change is closer than you may think. Avoid the burden of comparing yourself to others who are designed differently than you.

Not everyone will recognize your beauty. Don’t be deterred by those who only see a bug.

Remind yourself that you are being transformed daily and soon you’ll leave the tedious task of crawling and take to the air doing what you were ultimately designed to do.


A love that nurtures

How could something so simple bring such enjoyment and satisfaction I wondered as I bent over my plant. One of my friends had gifted it to me–a potted tomato plant with basil and cilantro. Now I had three baby tomatoes growing, and it had brought out the nurturer in me. I began checking the leaves for bugs and fungus, breaking off dead branches and pinching away suckers to ensure it was kept healthy and provided with the right conditions to flourish and grow.

I stayed for about 20 minutes enjoying the act of nurturing my plant and was deep in thought — how carefully God must watch over his children to love us and nurture us, to prune and remove those things that can hinder growth, deplete energy and threaten spiritual health. I challenged myself to rethink my views on discomfort and pain, for maybe the discomfort we sometimes experience is not the administering of punishment or discipline but is a result of being loved and nurtured.

The idea of being nurtured where I’m protected and cuddled, loved and pampered, feeling safe, appeal to me but the breaking off and stripping of things is the painful side of nurturing that is very real and absolutely necessary.

In order to mature we have to accept all that nurturing is. For the beauty of knowing we are loved, is, that we can rest in the arms of our nurturer and allow Him the freedom to administer what we need.

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