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In pursuit of my six-pack

I walked into my cardio box class slapping my abdomen. “I still don’t see my four-pack” I said to our instructor. I’m talking four-pack because I don’t have a six-pack commitment. He smiled and said “I see a four-pack coming in”, he’s so sweet. He turned to one of my friends and asked “don’t you see a four pack?”, she looked at me and rolled her eyes in disgust.

My friend is full-figured, she has been blessed with front AND back “stuff” in abundance. She’s alright with it though, her attitude is that she has “stuff” that others pay good money to get. However, she is committed to and passionate about her exercise routine. She has a goal, so she hits the gym 4 to 5 times a week. Her goal: she wants to be “tight”, Serena Williams kinda tight. I’m much leaner, not as committed. I go to the gym twice a week and on other days I sometimes dance around the house and do these little twists to trim my waistline and feel satisfied that I got in added exercise. My goal: (in spite of all my noise about four packs) is to have fun, be healthy.

It’s important to know our goals and their priorities, in every area of life. If we don’t, we can find ourselves living more challenging and chaotic lives as we try to keep up with what others are doing. It’s important to know ourselves, our bodies and those difficult targets we set that can be achieved only through sacrifice.

When we know this, we can better manage ourselves and allot our time in view of our priorities. Exercise is important to me but it’s not my no.1 priority, there are other muscles I’m striving to develop, other areas to nurture into health, and these too take time.


…then, it was time to pay the piper

"It's tiime to pay the piper." No matter our choices, whether poor health habits or poor money habits there will come a time when the consequences for those choices will demand to be met. On my 6 inch challenge blog

"It's time to pay the piper"

There is a saying “He who dances must pay the piper”, and as I was on my mat exercising in Cardio Box class doing my scissor kicks, bicycle kicks and flutter kicks, I knew it was time to pay the piper as I groaned in protest. Two months of not exercising and overindulging during the holidays with soy cream, strawberry cake and three days of breakfast (buffet), tasty lunches and dinners at the Callaway Resort and Spa had caught up with me. I had not only danced to the piper’s tune, but I had had a regular jam session with multiple trips to the buffet line.

Strange how we live like that sometimes, not thinking about the consequences while we are enjoying the “dance”. But that principle of choices/actions and consequences apply in all areas of life.

That is pretty much how I view our present economic situation. Though we may not want to change our tune, it is impossible to ignore the fact that the piper has slowed his melody, changed his rhythm and is demanding that we honour our indebtedness to the last tune he played.

As I see it, we have several options. We can continue our pathetic, rhythm-less gyrations and point fingers and cast blame on whose responsible for this change of music, we can pretend the music has not changed and continue unwisely without plan or strategy, OR we can accept this as a challenge, a really tough one and set about the business of making adjustments, with a plan in place and a commitment to sacrifice for a better future.

For, we are a people who understand that it takes more time to fix something than it does to break it, we are a people who, in the face of tragedy and challenges open our hearts and sacrifice for the good of others, we are a people who live in the land of the free and the home of the brave, we are a resilient people.

Tackling difficulties and overcoming the “6-inch challenges” life serves up

Some months ago i started a cardio box class. This was not by design, I showed up for my regular class after returning from vacation and had no idea that there had been a switch in classes and times. This unexpected switch, however, has turned into something that I really love. The class is a total body workout of arms, thighs, buttocks and of course, abs. Let me say that even though I have a flat stomach I’ve absolutely hated any form of abdominal workout because it always caused back pain. So, during that first class and many, many, many other classes that followed every time our trainer announced that it was time for “6 inches” I dreaded it.

This exercise simply required me to extend my feet and raise them about 6 inches off the floor and hold it for a period of time. I could not do it. I had decided to just do what I had been doing for years whenever my exercise classes included ab work, just lie on the floor and do nothing. But with some prompting and instructions on how to protect my back,  I tackled the “6-inch challenge” and have developed stronger abdominal muscles and lessened my back pain.

As a result of this class and this exercise, I have started labeling things in my life that are challenging, that I procrastinate because of fear, or that may stretch me in ways that I may not be willing to be stretched at the moment as “my 6-inch challenge”. I’ve learned that it’s possible to overcome  challenges in our lives if we are willing to tackle them and stick to the process.

As 2010 approaches, I am in the process of identifying my personal 6-inch challenges, so that next year will be a time of personal growth and development. Whatever your challenges may be, I’d like to invite you to take this journey with me as we travel the path of spiritual, physical, mental and emotional growth, for just maybe, we may lose some of the negative and develop and strengthen the good stuff that resides in all of us.

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