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From death to life, empowered to stand

For several weeks I had been praying a short, simple prayer, “Holy Spirit of Life, ‘life’ your people, that we may live! Breathe in us, Spirit of God…”

…Only to find myself sliding in a kind of despair I’d never experienced before. I struggled with doubt I would have never thought possible and questioned every promise from God that would rise up in my spirit. At times when it seemed that the light and life had gone out inside me and I chose not to pray, I’d awake during the night to hear my spirit praying, “Holy Spirit of LIFE, life me with Yourself. I want to live!…”

As always, after God speaks and brings breakthrough in my personal life, He confirms His word in some public setting, speaking though some other source.

At watch might service, the sermon was entitled, “Time to live again.” As I study Ezekiel 37, the scripture reference from last night’s sermon, I once again rest in the covenant relationship with a God who will come to us when we find ourselves in valleys of despair and death.

He commands only that we perceive, become conscious by the ear and give our attention to His word (vs. 4 – Dry bones, HEAR the word of the Lord!). He follows with promises of what HE will do — vs. 6 “I will attach tendons, I will bring flesh on you, I will cover you with skin, I will put breath in you, and YOU will come to life.

I’m very much aware that death requires nothing of us, but LIFE does. Even after the first prophecy – that produced the rattling and noise of the coming together of bones, that gave the dry bones the appearance of a healthy physical body – they were still lifeless, without any power to act. However, when The Breath was called forth and the Spirit of God surged in them they stood up, ready for action.

The good news is that no matter what causes us to give in to despair, if we can decide not to shut down and close ourselves off but instead to open our ears and perceive/discern that in the midst of whatever it is, God is still speaking and working – we can live.


Dirge Dancers — Challenge your troubles

Hope in God will infuse us with life

Don’t let your hope die. Dead things CAN live again

Everything seemed lifeless, so still, so cold,
A sign read – “Death Lives Here,”
A piercing tune from beneath filled the air,
With a tale of doom and deep despair.

“Hope is dead,” it continuously said,
“Come bury your lifelong dreams,
Why don’t you give in, with this there’s no sin,'”
Sang that lying tongue from beneath.

“My hope is not dead,” I continuously said,
Then spoke life to my hopes and dreams,
Then I broke out in dance, and started this chant,
“God’s promises will NEVER cease.”

I danced for my mate, on God I will wait,
Raised praise for my hopes and dreams,
Then I sent up a shout, that was mighty & strong,
To still that lying tongue from beneath.

“Death was defeated a long time ago,
I will make no pact with the grave,
You will not deceive me, get thee behind,
For I know in whom I believe.”

I danced through my troubles, I danced through my storms,
I said goodbye to past pains,
I skipped over hardship, gave a nod at my needs,
Victory was about to reign.

I paused at my doubts, I meant to take that thing out,
So I started this victory dance,
As my faith kicked in, God said “Child you will win,”
And silenced that voice from within.

Trails won’t last, they will past, THEY WILL PAST,
Your life is safe in my hands,
Trust and don’t doubt, let Me work things out,
And change every dirge to a dance.

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