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Training my heart to desire “good things”

Desiring the "good things." the God things

"Desiring the good things

It was taking much longer than I expected. How long does it take to form a habit anyway,  I wondered? I had given myself 2 weeks to make this adjustment but that 2 weeks had passed and the problem still existed.

Problem: My cravings were more frequent and insistent.

Plan: Get back to the discipline of a sustainable healthy lifestyle, revisit my eating habits and make note of what had changed and why.

Expected result: Retrain my body so that any unhealthy cravings were tolerated as the exception rather than the norm.

Quite doable, I have lived it before, and though I still maintain a healthy diet I want to get back to the place where my body craves blueberries, bell pepper, mangoes, papayas, even porridge, NOT muffins and definitely not those Chick fil a’s chicken biscuits.

Please realize this “6 inch challenge” is not about losing weight, it’s about reprogramming my body to consistently desire “good” things, not just the things that taste good but the things that are good for me.

I am very aware that as with the physical so it is with the rest of our being, we conform to what we consume most, and the more we consume a thing, the greater our appetite becomes for it. This can be a wonderful thing if we are feasting on what we want to be today and grow into tomorrow, but if we’re not, we can find ourselves trapped in habits and lifestyles that are destroying us.

This is my life’s journey, training not only my physical, but, my spiritual, emotional and mental self to desire and crave “good things,” God things.

Remember, the sooner we acknowledge that we are making unacceptable life choices, the easier it is to make a turnaround. The process of changing prolonged bad habits is usually slow, difficult and painful, but it’s worthwhile to begin that journey now. Tomorrow will not be easier, now is always the best time to begin.


Places of Inspiration-The Art of Inspiring Change

About six months ago I started attending another church. This place has become one of the greatest sources of inspiration and influence in my life. A friend asked what I liked about the church and I replied that even though I found the teaching very profound, it was the simplicity (sincerity) and practicality that drew me.

I told her of a series we had done in December entitled “Before You Begin Again”.  Lessons taught on making and sustaining changes in our relationships, changes in our lifestyle to affect levels of fitness and health, and changes in the way we view money, were all very insightful. But, this statement inspired me more than anything else “Just be kind, it costs nothing to be kind”.

That may seem quite elementary, but the truth is profound. I also remembered as a child one of my favorite bible verses was “And be ye kind one to another, tender-hearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you.”

I believe the reason that statement affected me was because I realized I had strayed from the core of that message. For years, I have protected myself by not allowing most people to get too close to me. I have experienced moments though, when my heart must have escaped that protection, because those were the times I lived my best life.

As a result of being inspired and challenged, I’m allowing my heart the freedom of tenderness as it learns again, that living is about opening its door and genuinely loving and caring for others.

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