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The time for obedience

It was Saturday and mommy had left my sister and I at home to do chores. My younger brother and stepbrother were outside riding on a cart they had made. The road they were on sloped and at the bottom was a cliff …

Someone suggested that we leave the chores and go have fun with them.

My sister got on the cart with my stepbrother and he guided the cart down the hill. When it was my turn I decided I did not need to have anyone ride with me. I climbed on the cart and it started wobbling. As it gained momentum I realized that I had neither knowledge nor experience on how to steer or stop the contraption.

I panicked, feeling certain if I kept going I would go over the cliff and just as certain that even if it killed me mommy would still give me a beating for having disobeyed.

I jumped off the cart while it still moving and wounded my knee. I was able to hide the incident from my mom only until the next morning, I was in so much pain I could not walk. I still have a scar on my left knee that reminds me of that day.

I had been drawn away from my study of the book of Acts by this memory.

The Wesleyan Bible Commentary on the book of Acts states, “There is no substitute for obedience, and there is no spiritual Pentecost, (and to my understanding, no power,) without obedience.

The book of Acts reminds me of my need for the Helper, I can’t ride this journey of life on my own.  It also reminds me that the body of Christ needs His power in order to obey the charge given to the church. The Wesleyan Bible Commentary further states – “….It was divine energy, (power) that the disciples were to receive through their enduement with the Holy Spirit…. but this power was not a gift to be received apart from the personal Lordship of Christ through the Holy Spirit in their lives.”

If God’s power working through us is in fact intertwined with us obeying His teaching, then is it not time for obedience? D.L.Moody is quoted to have said, “You might as well try to see without eyes, hear without ears or breathe without lungs as to live the Christian life without the Holy Spirit.


What if I *saw the beggar – A time for healing

It was night-time and I wondered if he still hoped that tomorrow would be different. Was it really possible for him to remain hopeful for 20, 30, 40 years? I couldn’t imagine being in his state — for he awoke every morning, seemingly powerless — having to be carried from place to place, bathed, fed, clothed, then taken to perform his daily work. He was a beggar.

He enjoyed sitting outside though, for here, surrounded by beauty, he had dreams that his life would be different. He was pulled from his day dreaming by the bustle around him. He realized that it must be almost 3pm – prayer time, it was like clockwork.

He did not like this time. It got very busy, but as the people passed through the gate pressing their way to the temple he could not bear to see how they looked at him. So with his head down cast, he said in his practiced, upbeat tone, “Anything for the poor and cripple? Anything…?”

Some passed by as though they did not hear, some in a rush to get inside to pray did not even notice him there, but every now and again he would hear the tingle of coins as they fell into his can.

He tried not to become discouraged, but he had hoped that something miraculous would happen here, at the gate called Beautiful. He’d heard about the Nazarene and his power to heal, but he had never met Him. He’d heard that His disciples came to the temple to pray and wondered if they could do the same miraculous things that He had done.

“Anything for the poor and cripple, Anything…?” His mind was far away, he had said those words so many times he did not need to think about them. He was surprised when he saw two pair of legs stop in front of him, “Look at us!” one of them commanded. He looked into their eyes, afraid to find the familiar look of disgust, but instead he saw compassion.

“Silver and gold I do not have…” the man had continued. But it was ok, his look of compassion had been like a balm, soothing and healing the years of disregard and disdain. “…but what I have I give to you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk!”

So they had been with the Christ! he thought. He felt his ankles becoming strong as the man reached out his hand and pulled him to his feet. As he leaped and jumped around like a child he raised his voice in praise. He was healed!

After sometime he asked the man, “Have I not seen you here before? “Peter’s my name,” the man had responded, ” and this is John, and yes, we’ve been here many times before.” He looked at them hesitantly and said, “you seem so different, may I ask what happened?”

Pentecost happened,” Peter said.  “An empowering by the Holy Spirit has taken place, an enabling to DO, to impart God’s power to affect change in the lives of others.

God’s power has been given. If you feel crippled or powerless by the tough challenges of life, it is 2012 the time for healing, time to arise and do.

*See – to give attention and care to

Learning the Faith Walk – Stepping on your fear

Leave fear behind and do the faith walk

"Join the faith walk, it dispels fear"

I hate saying this out loud, so I’m just going  to whisper — “I can’t swim”. Just imagine, an island girl who has loved and spent so much time at the beach never learning to swim. I love the ocean and when I think of vacation I think about heading to the beach. Refreshing means cool water against my body, waves massaging me, causing me to relax and unwind, lounging on the beach enjoying nature, and for some reason swimming was never a part of that. It was time to make a change, however, so I decided to use the pool at the “Y” to rectify this situation and almost a year later I’m just having a breakthrough.

I’ve always known that the thing that has hindered me most from learning to swim is that though I love the water I’m also terrified of it. My comfort level has always been where my feet can still feel solid ground beneath me and if I can’t feel it, fear sets it. FEAR — that paralyzing, limiting, stagnating force that keeps us stuck, casts doubts on our efforts and if not challenged robs us of our courage to try, move, learn, change, grow, leave, achieve and conquer.

I had to deal with that fear because I was determine to make a change — I needed a breakthrough. But this breakthrough actually came as a result of seeing other people trying and learning more so than having someone teach me. I happened to be at the pool when a class showed up for a make-up session. I watched fearful, timid, uncertain grown ups as they followed their instructor’s directives—splash around, sink, gasp and fail but kept right on trying. I had not paid to take this class but I decided to observe, try and learn as much as I could.

I listened and joined in the splashing, much sinking and gasping, then a light came on. Instead of allowing fear to cause me to reach for the comfort of firm footing when I felt I was sinking, I realized I became buoyant when I relaxed, and moving my arms and legs lifted me and caused me rise to the surface. It was amazing! The more I experienced positive buoyancy and was able to move in the water, the more I wanted to try. Soon I forgot about fear and afterward wondered why I had allowed fear to hold me captive for so long.

This seemingly simple lesson has re-enforced my journey to ensure that fear is not controlling any area of my life. I’ve been learning the faith walk, that is recognizing my fear triggers and in faith stepping on and over those things that otherwise would hold me captive. I’m developing confidence in the One who reminds me to “Fear not,” that is allowing me to trust and relax, enabling me to not sweat the small or large stuff as I journey. I’ve learned to keep moving and if I fail to get up and try again. As I grow and change there is this hunger for more growth and a new voice of faith is replacing that old voice of fear.

Is it fear that’s keeping you where you are? Is it fear that’s making it impossible for you to stay put? Is it fear that’s causing you to conform, to feed that desire to fit in? This is Dona Halliday challenging you to face your fears and experience the transforming power of the “faith walk”.

Take a listen to my favorite worshiper, Pastor Donnie McClurkin’s, I]l trust you Lord

From Desperation to Transformation — Seeking God

You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. Jeremiah 23:13

Develop a heart that's seeking after God

I get very excited as the week draws to a close and finally it’s the weekend. I love having time to unwind and get refreshed. I especially love Sundays, a day to get rested and replenished, the opportunity to gather with others in the place where God is and experience His presence and power. But it was not always that way…..

Do you go church? If you do, may I challenge you to examine 6 things…
1. Why do you go?
2. Does it do anything for you?
3. Do you see visible signs of growth and change from this encounter?
4. Do you have any expectations and are they met?
5. Is your relationship with God growing stronger, more intimate?
6. Is your commitment to God increasing?

These are some questions I keep before me, and I want to share something with you that is transforming my life:

Sometime ago I read this book by Max Lucado, “He Still Moves Stones”, and one of the characters he wrote about is “the woman with the issue of blood” (Mark 5: 24-34). He describes this woman who had been sick for 12 years, she’d tried everything without positive results, in fact, her situation grew worse. She hears about Jesus and knows she has to find him. She gets to the place where Jesus is, filled with expectation, but He is encircled, a crowd pressing close to Him. But, she is desperate, her deliverance depends on her getting through to Jesus. She pushes, extends herself and then, she connects with Jesus, she touches the hem of His clothing and the bible says instantly her bleeding stops, instantly her life is transformed.

But it’s this observation that is transforming my life. The author observed that in spite of the crowd in Jesus’ presence, the Bible records only one act of healing, one life is transformed in this setting. I was so stunned by this that I raised this question to a friend, “Do you realize it means that we can show up and be in the place where God is, (you know, like, Sunday school, Wednesday night Bible Study, Sunday Morning worship, our one-on-one with God), we can be in God’s presence and leave totally untouched, untransformed?

Is this really possible to be in the presence of such power and not be changed? Let’s take a look:
• King Agrippa who said to Paul, I’m Almost persuaded …. (Acts 26:28)
• The rich young ruler who felt following Christ required the one thing he was not willing to give up(Mark 10:21)
• The people in Jesus’ hometown (He could not do any miracles there,… He was amazed at their lack of faith). (Mark 6)
• …and possibly you, or the crowd at your church

The thing that is transforming my life is this commitment I made,  “I refuse to keep showing up where God is and not extend myself, engage, connect, desperately seek Him and activate faith in Him so that His power can transform my life.”

When you invest your time in attending a church service, make it more than just going to church, if you genuinely seek God He promises He will show up!

This is Dona Halliday challenging you to press through your challenges to your transformation

Check out this song, one of my favorites “Moving Forward” by Israel Houghton. Don’t miss the resolution and commitment at the end of the song

I Want To Live Like My Sunday Morning’s Praise

The drums rumbled, softly, then with increased fervor. The room seemed to shake with the shouts of praise. It reminded me of the shouts that brought down the walls of Jericho, the kind of shouting that captures heaven’s attention and causes God to respond — there’s SOMETHING about that Sunday morning praise.

Cries and shouts of victory and thanksgiving, the release from what may have troubled us that week, that morning, that minute. The surrender and peace that comes from focusing on someone more powerful. The joy that washes and refreshes. The love that softens us and makes us sweet, forgiving, and frees our hearts and arms to reach out and embrace. I WANT TO LIVE like that Sunday morning praise!

In a short while, the music will stop, the singing cease, the sermon will be over and the prayers will end. We will be heading back to our everyday lives. Many will be forced to face the realities they had escaped for a few hours. They’ll remember the sickness that has invaded their bodies, their marriages that have fallen far below their expectations, the failure they feel because their children are making unwise choices, the weariness of taking care of a sick loved one, the boredom of seemingly purposeless lives. WHAT WILL HAPPEN to that Sunday morning praise?

For you see, that Sunday morning power, is also Monday morning’s power. In fact, this everyday power is a transforming kind of power. Walls come down, seas roll back, sightless eyes see, lame legs leap, a woman caught in adultery receives forgives, a man living among the tombs gets his mind restored;  and, you and I, in the face of our challenges receive the power that changes our lives. FOR WE’VE GOT TO LIVE like our Sunday morning praise!

Move forward with courage, there are giants ahead

Today, I’m allowing myself the rare indulgence of remembering some experiences I’d rather forget. These were tough ones, my giants, I call them. Though they were challenging, I’m reminiscing not with regret, but with awe, because I found the courage to move forward and overcome; as a result I’m stronger because of, and, in spite of my giants.

Last week I read of someone else who had to face a giant, his giant had a name, Goliath. As I read the story again I was impacted by this — the story says that as Goliath was moving toward David with the confidence that he was going to destroy him, David started running toward the giant.

Now, what causes one to do that? What made David, the boy, run toward Goliath, the champion giant, to do battle?

Here are 6 things I learned from that story:

1. We might as well develop the spirit of a giant slayer, giants will be around as long as we live. (David had been chasing giants and slaying them as a shepherd tending his father’s sheep, these giants were in the form of lions and bears)
2. Shout the battle cry even if you are afraid. (The israelite army took up their battle positions, shouting the war cry, but they were afraid. God sent a deliverer, David).
4. Expect criticism and put down from others, even those closest to you. (David’s brother derided him for having the nerve to see himself as a giant slayer).
3. Use what you have, and what from experience you know will work (David fought Goliath with what he knew, a sling, a stone and a mountain of faith).
5. Check your motives and know that your love for what you are defending can give you the courage that drives you toward your giants. (David’s indignation propelled him to do battle with the one who had defied God’s army).
6. Know the source of your power. (Though seemly armed with only a sling and 5 stones, David knew his power came from God).

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