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Tackling difficulties and overcoming the challenges life serves up – by Dona Halliday


Add health to your breakfast — the absolutely best way to eat an Eggo waffle

When God does not work — Can God really be trusted?

Let me touch your heart — be open to love

This is the way, walk in it. Finding your haven in 2011

Learning to soar again – thank God for turning points

Soul searching — music, life, love

Weight, waist and food challenges

Are there no cooks on Calmer Circle? Thanksgiving dinner preparation

Confessions of a practical romantic – knocked off my feet by love

Relationships — A call to love

From the mouth of Babes… Stand on God’s word

Dreams deferred? Live in hope, change will come

Symbol of hope — fight against breast cancer

Relationships — Moving pass failure

Dirge Dancers — Challenge your troubles

Hush, little baby… shattering the silence around abuse

Stretch yourself, my toastmaster’s icebreaker

Get you, check on your resolutions

The power of the tongue

Conversation with Moses: purpose, preparation, destiny

Deliver us from want — Prosperity & the christian church

Whispering, heart two heart

Learning the Faith Walk

Relationships — An Invitation to Love

Relationships — Thank God for Unanswered Prayers

◗ From Desperation to Transformation –Seeking God

Killing me Softly –Relationships and disrespect

I need nourishment — Eating for our health

◗  Finding your fitness groove

◗  A love that nurtures

◗  When Dad’s not there

◗  Experiencing the love of a gentle whisper

◗  Make Every Move Count–Physical, Spiritual and Emotional Fitness

◗  Worthwhile Warfare

◗  Chasing Beauty

◗  Living Like My Sunday Morning Praise

◗  Knowing Your Own Strength

◗  A command to move

◗  Challenging others to live out their best

◗  Return to Sender — Victims do not reside here

◗  Move forward with courage, there are giants ahead

Did someone say Zumba? Exercising through dance

◗  Training my heart to desire “good things”

◗  If you are there, so is God

◗  A resurrection of  sorts – When dead things refuse to stay buried

What if your parakeet can’t dance? The Challenges of discontentment

◗  In pursuit of my six-pack

Finally, I see you

Delighting in the simple things–the company we keep

Dear Mr President, am I covered? The challenges of our health care system

Loving Freedom – Women I admire

Relationships – I Love Me Some Me

Love-speak to my ancestors – Enduring the challenges of Slavery

◗  Relationships – Love is in the air

◗   Relationships – Sins of the past

◗   Love on the rocks – A gentler me

◗  “Love on the rocks” I’m not insecure! Am I?

◗   …then, it was time to pay the piper

◗   and, I celebrated, as though their success where my own

◗    I delighted in it, and it was a simple thing

◗    Mirror, — Having a healthy perception of self

◗    Mirror, mirror — Diary of the miscreant mirror

◗    The art of inspiring change

◗    When something within cries, “attack!”

◗    “Oh, that I had given him all”

◗   Can you stand the silence?

◗    We just need three “Good Men”

◗    Packing the essentials

◗    What if I took off my high heels, laced on my sneakers and jumped into life?

◗    Tackling difficulties and overcoming the challenges life serves up


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