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Packing The Essentials

Whenever I’m traveling it’s always difficult to decide what has to go on the journey with me. My intention is always to pack light, taking only the essentials. I hate the cumbersomeness of excess baggage. Yet, almost every time, I find myself bogged down with non-essentials.

For the past month I’ve been reaccessing my journey over the year,  looking ahead and making plans for 2010. I note that I did not accomplish all the things I had planned for in 2009, I started well, but at some point lost sight of what was important.

The good news is that there is the opportunity to begin again. I can’t recapture time wasted or missed opportunities, but as I recommit to my goals and strive not to repeat past failures, I have to decide on the essentials for this journey. What are the things that are vital to ensure growth?

"Going Places". Packing for a journey can be very challenges. Choosing what we need to take makes the difference. Ensure that we take the essentials and leave non-essentials behind. My essestials: relationships, my compass, life source (bible), music, exercise

~ Relationships ~ Peace ~ Compass, life source ~ Fitness ~ Music ~ Learning ~ Giving ~ Leisure ~ Memories

As I prepare my list, I note that my list may be different from yours, but we all have to make choices regarding the essentials for our journey. So much of life can be lived with our focus on non-essentials. I know, I’ve done that, given my time and energy to those things that do not promote growth and well-being. As I take hold of this opportunity to begin again I’m packing the essentials and leaving the non-essentials behind.

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