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Work what works for you–Finding your fitness groove

Finding your fitness groove

"Saturday morning at-home exercise"

Class is over, we’re standing in the “Y’s” parking lot talking, 3 beautiful women, 3 different body types, all committed to our particular exercise routines and with different goals in mind. I’m the leanest of the 3, and lest you think I’m boasting, let me say that I’m a black West Indian who believes my heritage dictates that I should be packing at least a little bit of “junkiness in my chunkiness.” So several years ago when my doctor hinted at high cholesterol and I changed my eating habits and my hips disappeared I was not pleased. Years later, my healthy eating habits have remained, I’ve kicked up my exercise routine and I said good-bye to hips.

I’ve realized, though, it’s not only important to know the fitness level you want to achieve, but finding your personal fitness groove is paramount — that is, a routine that is fun, flexible, works and can grow into a life long habit.

I had committed myself to 2 nights at the “Y” (1 hour of yoga, 45 mins of cardio box and 1 hr of Zumba.) However, I wanted to exercise more often without having to give more time at the “Y”, so I needed to find something that I can do at home consistently. I have a range of dvds– pilates, yoga, dance, taebo and more but in the past I’ve lacked consistency. So now, every morning Monday to Friday I get up at 5am. I mix my chores with exercise and then I dedicate about 20 mins to jogging in place or dancing, a little yoga, planks, push ups, and I’m energized to face my day.

Does it work? Can 20 mins a day make a difference? My body says it can, consistency is key. So find your fitness groove and work what works for you.


What if I took off my high heels, laced on my sneakers and jumped into life?

What if I stepped out of my comfort level and accept the challenge of jumping into life.

Hanging up my high heals, at least for a moment.

After church on Sunday, a friend and I stood around and talked as we usually do. We discussed how we were impacted by the sermon, what changes we were going to implement because of it, and the changes we had talked about making that still had not been made. I mentioned that for several months the words “Just Do Something” had been resonating in my spirit. What if I did something with all the ideas I had discussed, the future plans I talked about, the dreams I had shared. What if…?

I woke up this morning really excited, I decided to refine the thought “Just Do Something” and make my personal slogan “Just Do It”. Well, that would have been fantastic, but as I congratulated myself on the simplicity of such a slogan and the genius behind it,  I remembered that one of the world largest companies in athletic footwear, Nike Inc., had already laid claim to it.

As I laughed at myself, I finally got it. I had heard Nike’s slogan for years but had never really paid much attention to it.  “Just Do It”. Now, it had my attention. For me it means, stop teetering around the “almost”,  the “I’m planning to “, or “I’m going to someday” and “Just Do Something”

What if I took off my high heels, laced on my sneakers and just jumped into life? This is not a call to forgo planning, time needed to develop an idea and give proper preparation to achieve the best results possible.  It is a call to take that leap of faith after we have prepared, to refuse to be paralyzed by fear and act with courage, a willingness to risk  – “Just Do Something”

Maybe you have started something and it seems to be faltering and you’re on the verge of giving up. If this is something you are passionate about, and always wanted to do, why not take another look and see if this can be revamped, repurposed, recycled, and renew your efforts to go at it again.

Anything worth while requires time, preparation and patience. Don’t give up on your dreams!

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