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We Just Need Three “Good Men”

Men of honor needed. As we seek to find the "good" in others may we also work on developing those "good" characteristic in our selves. On my 6 inch challenge blog

Yours, mine and hers

In a recent conversation with my mom she instructed me to be on the lookout for three good men; “one for me”, she said, “one for you and one for your sister”. We both laughed at the comment at the time, but I also remember her saying what I have heard so many others say, it’s so hard to find “good men”.

It’s interesting to me that even though we have so much, we talk so often about what we lack. Lack of resources, of money; lack of jobs – good jobs, of education; lack of men – good men, of women – good women; lack of relationships – meaningful relationships.

With so many family members, friends, and acquaintances who are single it seems a bit selfish to be concerned only about us three. What would happen, I wonder, if we all decided to become the “good” that we seek in others.

We may long for honesty, authenticity, kindness, generosity and compassion in others, but what if we made it a priority to develop these same characteristics in ourselves. We may desire to be loved, respected and even cherished but if we examine our lives are we showing love and respect to the people who are in our lives and the people who cross our paths.

I would like to think that if we concentrated on becoming the “good” that we desire in others we’ll find that we become, better mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, sisters, brothers, spouses, friends, and just maybe the “good” that we desire will be available in abundance.



  Anonymous wrote @

I’ve never really looked at it that way before. It’s always easier to see what’s wrong with the other person. Thanks for that perspective.

  LOH wrote @

And I guess when we strive to bring out the good in ourselves other will see, maybe try to emulate and bring out the good in themselves. And oh what a wonderful world it would be!

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